Current Regathering Updates

This page is an updated resource on our ministries during COVID-19. In-person services are targeted to return September 12 & 13.

For details on current opportunities, see our campus announcements and online events schedule.  

Updated: August 7, 3pm

We wanted to say thank you for the great response to the church survey.  We know that there are lots of ways to spend your time other than filling out a survey.  The number of responses was so encouraging - a signal as to how much you care about your church.  Thank you for that!

What did we learn? A quick summary:

1. You care about safety and keeping others safe.  As we host gatherings of various sizes, you can be sure that the buildings are clean, guidelines enforced, and changes in Covid-19 stats in our church campus communities will affect our decisions.

2.There is an overall desire to regather, so we are still targeting the weekend of September 12 & 13 to re-open the church buildings for weekend worship. Registration and “what to expect” details coming soon.

3. There’s enough parent interest that it is worth figuring out how to create adjusted, in-person environments for kids and students.  This applies to weekend KidsWorld and midweek programs.

4. Christ Community is a diverse group of people, in four different cities, with a wide range of opinions. It’s a good reminder, especially during this time, that love and unity allows for varying perspectives.

5. There are real needs out there in the lives of those who call CCC their church home.  If your job circumstances have changed, or your life has been impacted through our current turn of events; please let us know. You can find more resources at

6. A hybrid of in-person and online offerings is the way forward.  You will see that many upcoming events/ministries will be offered BOTH live AND online. We have been moving quickly to help everyone engage in meaningful ways (both in-person and online) with the mission of Christ Community.

Pastors are available online during weekend services in the Chat. We are reallocating money to equip all of our campuses with the ability to live stream any church activity so people can participate live or online, and we are adding the appropriate tech staff required to enhance the online experience for our various ministries.  

7. A large number of you who are not connected relationally through Community Groups are looking for connection right now.  So, here are three simple options to get connected without it being socially awkward for you (PRO TIP- Bring a friend with you!)

  • CONNECT  - Connect with a bunch of new people by coming to our new “groups under the tent” at each church campus.  Get info here for your campus.  The discussions will be led by a CCC pastor and based on that weekend’s sermon. You’ll meet people, have fun, engage in meaningful conversation, and get out of the house!
  • START - Grab some friends and start a weekend sermon discussion group.  Our team will get you everything you need. You can do it!  Click here for info. If your discussion group ever wants to become an official Community Group, we can help you figure out how to make that happen too!
  • JOIN - You can join an existing Community Group.  Click here to contact a person on the team that is ready to help you figure out the best way for you to connect to an existing Community Group.

Thanks for all of the input!  It was very helpful.  A lot has changed in 2020.  You know what hasn’t changed?  Jesus loves His Church.  Jesus died for His Church.  Jesus is building His Church.  And...Jesus is coming back for His Church. Whether we are gathered or scattered, let’s BE THE CHURCH.

In Christ,
“The Executive Team”
Eric Ferris- Executive Pastor
Eric Hamsho- Executive Pastor
Clayton Keenon- Teaching Pastor

Updated August 3, 2pm

In keeping with our church’s plan to regather for in-person services starting September 12 & 13, we are also planning to offer KidsWorld at all four campuses that same weekend.

We know many of you have benefitted from KidsWorld Online, and that is not going away. KidsWorld Online will continue even after we regather for those who will not be able to join us in person. 

In-person KidsWorld will have a number of important differences from the past. More detailed information will come in the weeks ahead, but here are some of the important differences we want you to be aware of right now. 

Social Distancing – We will make every effort to honor the accepted recommendations and guidelines for health and safety, cleaning and social distancing. We will utilize best practices followed by organizations working specifically with kids: child care centers, schools, churches, medical professionals, etc. We ask for grace and patience as we are dealing with children in a unique environment, and sometimes very young children.  

Heath Screening – We will take the temperatures of all kids before they enter KidsWorld and verify that kids are not experiencing any symptoms listed in our health policy.

Masks – All participants 2 years old and older will have to wear a mask. Masks may be temporarily removed in our younger groups as we follow our usual snack policies. Anyone with a physical condition prohibiting them from wearing a mask will be allowed to participate without a mask as long as official medical documentation is provided. 

Registration – Due to volunteer ratios and smaller than usual room capacities, all children will have to be pre-registered during the week to participate in KidsWorld.  Check-in will begin 20 minutes before the service start time. To limit the number of people walking through KidsWorld, we will ask that only one parent take kids to their rooms and that the same parent picks them up. We will stop the check-in process 20 minutes after the start of the service at which time children will no longer be allowed to enter KidsWorld. 

Come September, numerous things will look and feel different, but our love for your children has remained unchanged. 

If you are wondering about EPIC, we plan to start again on Wednesday, September 16, at the same three campuses where it was offered at last year. 

Updated August 3, 2pm

We are excited to announce that starting August 19, the St. Charles Campus bookstore will be open on Wednesdays from 10 am-2 pm. Limited to 3 shoppers at a time. Masks required. Credit/Debit only.

Updated Auust 2, 4pm

Next Generation Pastor Randy Isola shares what we are currently planning for middle school and high school ministries this fall.


Updated July 30 - 1pm

We have officially closed our regathering survey. 

Our target date for restarting in-person services is September 12 & 13. Information on registering for service is coming soon.

Updated July 23 - 5pm

Pastor Jim shares encouragement about online worship services and discusses feedback from the all-church regathering survey.


Updated July 8 - 3:30pm 

As we reflect on the last few months, it would be much too easy to say that COVID-19 upended Christ Community’s  plans, ruined our gatherings, or even thwarted ministry altogether. While we have had to retool, redesign, and rethink ministry, we can say with awe and thanksgiving that God prepared our church for this! We want to share with you some of these blessings and update you on what to expect in the upcoming months.

Love Your NeighborThe Church has Left the Building
Love Your Neighbor was our Biggie Goal from July 2019 until June2 020, and we saw God enlarge our hearts for our neighbors through serving opportunities, community group studies, and robust weekend teaching. Little did we know that in shelter-in-place, our neighbors would become our primary source of personal interaction and opportunity for Gospel conversations. The neighboring stories we have heard from many of you have been amazing and inspiring. Additionally, you have enriched and encouraged our communities through participation in food collection, blood drives, and additional pastoral care and counseling. You have been a light to your neighbors, Christ Community Church.

New OpportunitiesThe Church Adapts
In addition to caring for our communities, we found new ways to run KidsWorld Clubhouse, Summer Blast, and Camp Commotion for kids and summer camp for students. While we wish we could offer the full camp experience, our Next Gen team is working hard to shepherd the hearts of kids and students. Continue to pray as some of these ministries forge through the summer months. Most of our adult community groups chose to  meet through the summer this year, and we are so grateful for our Community Group leaders who have revised plans to keep people connected during this season of COVID-19. 

GenerosityThe Church Provides
June 30 marked the end of our fiscal year, and we want to share with you something remarkable. In the midst of a pandemic, your generous giving allowed us to meet budget. Thank you, God! We have been able to provide resources for those who have been unemployed or under-employed, counseling for those who have experienced duress and funding for ministry partners overseas who are meeting the needs of those who have been devastated by COVID. Additionally, we have kept our staff employed without layoffs or furloughs. With careful planning, controlling expenses, and slow decisions on hiring, we find ourselves in a good place fiscally. You are a generous people, Christ Community Church!

Future PlansThe Church Regathers
While we aren’t ready to provide all the details of regathering, we want to give you some important information that will help you navigate the next several weeks, ahead of our targeted September 12 & 13 regathering:

We care about your safety—One of the reasons we targeted the September 12 & 13 weekend for returning to worship is because of the ever-changing COVID-19 safety information. Schools, houses of worship, and public services are working with limited information while attempting to re-open. We are laboring to develop a plan for all ages—newborns through senior adults. Our facilities team is thinking through new ways of traffic flow in and out of buildings, social distancing protocols, cleaning, and much more. They have even completed certification courses in infection control! Remember, when we regather, things will have to look different than before.

We are finding ways to gather safely during the summer—Look for upcoming outdoor events at your campus. We want to find safe ways to bring you together. Subscribe to the campus social media outlets for the latest information or check the website. If you are not a part of a Community Group and desire to find one, we want to help! Community Groups are integral to growing as a Christ Follower and finding community. Contact to learn more.

We want your feedback—Would you help us prepare for the upcoming weeks by filling out a survey? Your feedback will help us to understand how to serve you better.



Updated June 24 - 11:45am

As Illinois prepares to enter Phase 4 this Friday, our church campuses are in the process of regathering in-person ministries. Some details:

  • Regional Campus church staff have resumed working at the church buildings on a modified work schedule. St. Charles Campus staff returns on July 1. Offices/campuses are not yet "open."
  • In-person weekend worship services are targeted to resume September 12 & 13. We are collaborating with Chicagoland megachurches and the governor’s office to confirm this. While there are many more details to consider, we want you to know that a return to in-person weekend worship services will look different than our pre-COVID gatherings.
  • Weddings and funerals have resumed on campus.
  • Community Groups may meet together outside or in homes (guidance and details will be provided by the Adult Ministries Team).

Updated June 9 - 4:30pm

In his weekly video update (see the full archive), Pastor Jim shares important information about Christ Community's regathering plans. 

As Illinois has entered Phase 3, our church campuses have begun the process of reopening. For all of the below items, stipulations of 10 and under, masks indoors, and social distancing will be in place.

Church Campuses Reopening:

  • In-person weekend worship services targeted to resume on the weekend of September 13. We are collaborating with Chicagoland megachurches and the governor’s office to confirm this. While there are many more details to consider, we want you to know that a return to in-person weekend worship services will look different than our pre-COVID gatherings.
  • Our building services team is participating in the Infection Control Certification Program. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment every step of the way.
  • Weddings and funerals have resumed on campus.
  • Community Groups may meet together outside or in homes (guidance and details will be provided by the Adult Ministries Team).
  • Weekend Worship Watch Gatherings may be done in homes (guidance and details coming soon).
  • Outdoor/parking lot ministry events permitted with limited use of restrooms (with masks) with social distancing protocols strictly enforced. 
  • Large outdoor tents have been installed at every campus for outdoor ministry gatherings. There will be a reseveration system in place to use these for ministries.
  • Masks are required to enter any church building.

Good things we are looking forward to:

  • Church staff will resume working at the church buildings on a modified work schedule on June 15 (Regional Campuses) and July 1 (St. Charles Campus).
  • We are exploring outdoor, social distancing events at all campuses.
  • Continuing to provide our online worship experience and ministry environments for those uncomfortable being on campus or have health risks or concerns.
  • While our desire is to see our KidsWorlds and Student Ministries return to meeting in person, we will evaluate and make decisions closer to September.
  • All ministries can commence meeting indoors when we reach Phase 4 (up to 50 people) in modified form, following guidelines.

 Good things going on in the life of our church right now:

  • We will continue to provide and pour into online worship services each week, including KidsWorld Online.
  • Care Night support groups are available at St. Charles and Aurora campus through June.
  • We are providing extended pastoral care, counseling, and financial resources to those who are in a season of need.
  • We are reaching our communities through food drives, blood drives and other related services.
  • We are providing midweek programming through June for students
  • Summer program alternatives for KidsWorld and Students are now available for registration

Updated May 26 - 4:30pm

NEW PASTOR JIM VIDEO: Check in with Pastor Jim this week regarding new regulations and summer scheduling.

 Updated May 19 - 4:30pm 

This weekend, the Christ Community family will continue worshiping together online at

If you have not yet, please watch the May 12 video (reposted below) from Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem regarding the safety measures that must be met in order for our campuses to re-gather. Our leadership is in constant dialogue and prayer about next steps.


Updated May 5 - 2pm

Important Next Generation News: Our staff team has made the difficult decision to cancel our summer programs Silver Birch Ranch and Camp Commotion. Learn more below: 

SIlver Birch Ranch - Middle & High School Students

Camp Commotion - Elementary Students


Updated May 5 - 1:30pm

Some simple tips for leading online groups: Executive Pastor Eric Ferris shot a video for Community Group leaders on the new world of online group meetings. While this was emailed to all group leaders, we wanted to make these helpful tipes available to all:


Updated April 17- 2pm

You might be wondering how you will access the Bible Savvy and Epic Bible reading schedules after the current print journals run out in a couple of weeks. Because we will not have church services until at least the beginning of June, we've made the hard decision that the wise stewardship move is to not print the hard-copy May-September print journals.

However, the May-September schedule is the final installment in our four-year Bible reading plan so you know we're not stopping here. We will make sure you get the daily readings! And beyond that, we have some really fun plans for Bible Savvy and Epic journals starting in September so there is a lot to look forward to.

So, what now?

  • We will make the May-September reading schedule into an easy PDF resource that you can print out to follow along with your own journal or notebook. In fact, we look forward to seeing how creative you can be in designing your own Bible Savvy or Epic journals! 
  • Really like the layout of the Bible Savvy journal pages? That's cool; we do, too. We will also provide a PDF of a Bible Savvy journal page to print out.
  • We are going to beef up the Bible Savvy section of our website to be a one-stop shop for the schedule, context, and more resources. You will be able to find each month's readings right at
  • As always, you can follow the Bible reading schedule on the CCCLife mobile app.
  • Don't forget: you can get a free daily email with each days' Bible reading and memory verse. 

Updated March 30 - 10:20am

As we face unprecedented times in our world, we have the opportunity to help others. We are ready to respond and help however we can to the needs of our church and community. 

If your job circumstances have changed, you need to talk to a pastor, or your life has completely turned upside down; please let us know. At our new Help page, you will find all the resources you need whether you need help or want to help.

Updated March 25 - 4pm

NEW PASTOR JIM VIDEO: In his latest update, Pastor Jim answers your questions about weekend services and how we now do church:

Important reminders and links mentioned by Pastor Jim:

Late Night at CCC: Our online service times are now 5 & 8pm on Saturdays and 9 & 11am on Sundays. This 8pm service is great for parents of young kids.

Parents: Find KidsWorld videos and activities each week at KidsWorld Online.

Have a prayer request? Want to pray for others? Head to our Prayer Wall.

Students: Every Wednesday night, your student ministries pastors are  live on YouTube. Don't miss it tonight at 6:30pm. New videos are being posted all week along.

Updated March 25 - 8am

New Serving Page! As the church, now is the time to magnify Jesus and the good news of the Gospel, locally and in our immediate neighborhoods. Visit for practical ways to Love Your Neighbor. On this page, you can also share stories of how you are serving or are being served to encourage others during this difficult time.

Updated March 21 - 11:27am

We have put together some new web resources for you:

Links pageWe want to keep important links and resources from getting lost in all the updates on this page, so we've added a COVID-19 Links page. Find the link on the side of this page to the upper left.

Community Group Resources - Find new ideas and resources to stay connected with your group.

Talking to Kids about Coronavirus -  You and your children may be experiencing anxiety, uncertainty, and maybe even curiosity. We compiled some trusted resources to answer questions and ease anxiety.

Facebook video series - Our pastors miss you. Make sure you are following our social media accounts, especially Facebook, so you don't miss videos with encouragement, biblical inspiration, prayer for you, worship music, and more. 

Updated March 19 - 5pm

In the latest update from Pastor Jim Nicodem, he addresses dealing with anxiety and gives an update on our ministries and services.


  • All ministries and services will be shut down until at least June 1.
  • Good Friday and Easter services will be online only.

How do we give? During this time, we ask that you give with one of our three digital giving options: 1) At, 2) by texting CCCLIFE to 77977, 3) or with the CCCLIFE mobile app. 

Generosity Pastor Larry Stratton walks through each option:

Updated March 19 - 12pm

An update on summer GO Teams from Outreach Pastor Eric Hanson:

Updated March 19 - 7am

Christ Community Students has set up a YouTube Channel to stay connected with middle school and high school students. Make sure you bookmark the channel and watch last night's first-ever Genesis and Mosiac Live.

Updated March 17 - 4:05pm

NEW PASTOR JIM VIDEO: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Pastor Jim shares new updates on what's changing (and what's not) in weekend services during the Coronavirus crisis.

What's staying the same at Christ Community:
  • Regular online service times (watch at instead of having the service posted for on-demand watching.
  • The sermon style will continue to feel like a regular live service.
  • Our current series on Colossians, focused on preparing us for Holy Week.
 What's changing in services:
  • A new 8pm Saturday service--perfect for those with small children.
  • More reflective moments focused on our current crisis.
  • More inclusion of staff from our regional campuses.

Highlighted links:
KidsWorld materials and coaching tips for parents are available at

Click here to learn more about Community Groups and get creative help on how to keep meeting together.

Updated March 13  - 4:15pm

NEW PASTOR JIM VIDEO: A special message from Pastor Jim regarding ministry closures and weekend services:

Highlighted Links:

Updated March 13,2020 - 1:46pm

Effective immediately, all church activities at all campuses are cancelled until further notice, with the exception of off-site adult Community Groups. We will gather online for weekend worship services on Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 9am & 11am.

A video message from Pastor Jim will be posted shortly.

Updated March 12,2020

Our church leadership is aware of Governor’s Pritzker’s press conference this afternoon regarding COVID-19. Because this is such a fluid situation, we will release an official statement from Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem on Friday. His update will include information on Christ Community’s plans for this weekend. Please join us in prayer!

Updated March 10, 2020

We have been regularly monitoring the Coronavirus situation globally regarding GO Teams that we are preparing to send to our partner countries. Click here for updated GO Teams and international updates.