Water Gift - Sierra Leone

Check this page regularly to see the impact of your generosity to the 2018 Year-End-Gift, and the impact it is having on the people in Sierra Leone!

If you would like to visit Sierra Leone and have an opportunity to SEE A WELL sponsored by the Year End Gift, you can travel there on a GO Team leaving October 11th, and returning October 20th.  Click here for more information and to apply!



God moved in a mighty way through your generosity to our 2018 Year-End Gift! We received more than $1,000,000.

The incredible giving has dramatically changed our planned work to bring clean water to Sierra Leone. Officials there have told us that due to our giving, what they thought would happen within the first year will happen in the next two months. The number of wells they were hoping to drill within 3 years will probably happen within the first year (25 wells). Plus: 10 to 20 broken wells will now be able to get fixed. Amazing!

If you had not yet given to the year-end gift, we encourage you to consider giving to our general fund which supports our ministries at home, in our communities, and around the world.

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