Weekend Teaching


God made a world and told us to study it.

God wrote a book and told us to study it.

Many people assume science and the Bible are in conflict, but what if we don't have to choose one or the other? Are Scripture and science playing different tunes or can they sing in harmony? Join us through December 1 for this important series.

coming soon: supernatural

Christmas is a time of wonder, a time when you can almost believe miracles are possible. But what if they are?  At the first Christmas, heaven touched earth, God broke into our world, and amazing things happened. Join us this December as we explore the supernatural events around Jesus' birth. Starts December 7 & 8.

A Playlist for Every Series

With the launch of each teaching series, we create a Spotify Playlist with the worship songs that we'll be singing throughout the entire series. Search “CCCLIFE” on Spotify or CLICK HERE.

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