Weekend Teaching


Jesus made some incredible claims about himself. He claimed he could satisfy our deepest needs, that he was the only way to know God, even that he could undo death. If those claims are true, they change everything.

Join us through Easter services as we study the seven "I Am" statements Jesus made about himself in the book of John.


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Bible Savvy Resources

Looking for materials mentioned in our recent BIble Savvy series about the minor prophets? Here you go:

-To access Pastor Jim's recommended booklet for this series, For the Health of the Nation, click here.

-Watch The Bible Project video on justice.

-For the resources Pastor Jim mentioned on March 2 & 3 about what Christ Community does to be a church you can trust, click here.

A Playlist for Every Series

With the launch of each teaching series, we create a Spotify Playlist with the worship songs that we'll be singing throughout the entire series. Search “CCCLIFE” on Spotify or CLICK HERE.

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