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A couple times a year, we do a 4-week sermon series that tracks with the Bible Savvy reading plan. We are now in a series focused on four major Old Testament characters, who are often referred to as the Patriarchs: Abraham Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

This series corresponds with our current Bible Savvy reading plan. Read through Genesis with us! Get the full reading schedule here. And be sure to check out the new Bible Savvy Podcast; every week our pastors dig into one of the week's readings.

This Week's Outline & Group Questions

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  • We celebrate communion the first weekend of the month. At home? Please have grape juice/wine and bread/crackers ready. Have kids? Take a look at our Family Communion Guide

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Timely sermons

We have compiled lists of sermons on topics that might be of interest right now--whether seasonal or realted to current events.

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A Playlist for Every Series

With the launch of each teaching series, we create a Spotify Playlist with the worship songs that we'll be singing throughout the entire series. Search “CCCLIFE” on Spotify or CLICK HERE.

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