Weekend Teaching

COming soon: In this together

We were not made to walk alone, but many of us do. How does God meet our need for other people? Join us for this series beginning August 26 & 27 as we discuss how to move from loneliness to belonging.

The 3-week series will culminate with VISION WEEKEND, when Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem will share where Christ Community is headed in the 2017-2018 year.

Current Series: elephants

Through August 19 & 20, weekend services are addressing major questions about Christianity that, like the elephant in the room, we can't ignore.

Why such a narrow view of sexuality? | WATCH NOW
GUEST: Scott Sauls, Senior Minister of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee

How can you justify horrible acts by Christians? | WATCH NOW
by Christ Community Teaching Pastor Clayton Keenon

Why is the Bible so violent? | WATCH NOW
GUEST: David Lamb, Professor of Old Testament at Biblical Theological Seminary

Can’t you keep your views to yourself? | WATCH NOW
by Christ Community Teaching Pastor Clayton Keenon

Why trust the Bible? | WATCH NOW
GUEST: J. Warner Wallace, former cold case detective and author of Cold Case Christianity

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If God is good, why do we suffer? | August 5 & 6
by Christ Community Teaching Pastor Clayton Keenon

How could a loving God send people to hell? | August 12 & 13
by Christ Community Student Pastor Pete Sutton

How can you say you have the one true religion? | August 19 & 20
GUEST: Michelle Tepper, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

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