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current series: church on the rock

A cultural mistrust of institutions and shocking cases of church leaders abusing their authority have made many skeptical of the church. Jesus had a different view. He told followers he was building the church on a rock-solid foundation, himself. Join us as we study God's blueprints for the church.

CHurch of the Rock Spoken word 

Full Text by Stevener Gaskin Jr.

There is a pouncing pain within/ the hearts of some people - assuming/ the heart of the problem is the heart of the human/ there is a history in the church/ hurt people hurting people, heroes let us down/ so the pastor shouts “he rose”, means zero, just another sound/ and you just go through the motions/ once a relationship, but now it’s just a religion, once a beautiful marriage, now it’s just a prison/ what happen to the fire and joy, what happen to actually living/ what happen to your goals you set and casting a vision/ was it the abuse of power, pastors attacked you, it felt malicious/ speak, but don’t listen, narcissistic, it is hard to forgive them/ when did you become content/ with fake godliness, but lack the power thereof/ could it be seeing the church sharing their need, not their love/ the idol of money and power, it’s greed/ influencing the creed, or the doctrine that’s preached/ don’t see you, but excited about skills that you bring/ the enemy schemes/ attacking the church and its reputation, infiltrating the saints and the body of Christ in our nation/ deception he’s painting, we purchase the portrait, hang it, on walls of political spaces, we claim it as law, while others suffer in anguish/ not a blanket statement/ many are aware and aiming for all to be loved, taken care of, fighting for justice and changes/ thank you/ We are at war, with the accuser of the brethren, promotes the hypocrite, and discredit the Reverend/ the persecution of Christians all over the world, looking to heaven, then look at their meal and give God reverence/ hiding their faith/ meeting underground just to read a scriptures and pray/ martyred for what they believe, called naive, the lion will prey/ to devour, media promoting propaganda each hour, is not ok, depression, anxiety, plaguing the body, night and day – suicidal ideation, is higher and higher rates, to much a quiet place/

Because in church, we are dealing with people who have brokenness, sticks and stones we hide in the draws our hopelessness, realities we face when it’s all out in the open it’s, disappointing I notice the unbelief that you’re coping with/ You are not alone, trusting in a person assumed to be walking in holiness/ Sunday morning was a safe place, but now questioning services/ Woe/ The truth is we question God, and our souls/ are discouraged, because the Church has taken a blow and it’s worsened/ we are losing our folks and hurting/ to an enemy, who tempts with promiscuous cites, the lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, and pride of life / sexual advancement, in the Protestant or the Catholic branches, we Spotlight it, they deny it/ and we are back striving for answers/ creating more dents in our faith/ the conversation on religion becomes more dense in our day/ how has race, sex, and migration, been discussed and explained, how we informed those who are single and saved/ the heart of the gospel, have we displayed/ have we set people up well, or has the church pushed questioning people away/ I ask myself these very questions, and sometimes begin to question, until Jesus reminds me of his amazing grace/ that lives within our imperfections/

You see, With all of our problems, trials and tribulation/ Our God who sits high and looks low is not shaken/ His eye is on the sparrow, he dresses the lilies and the carnations/ how much more is his eye on you crying out there is no condemnation for those who are living in Jesus Christ/ his prayer on the Cross, Father, for they do not know why/ the magnitude of his last breath when he hung his head died/ the blood and the water flowing when they pierced him in his side/ he was crucified/ the darkest hour put fear in those who believed/ no magician, just miracles, had another trick up his sleeve, the third day he rose from the grave, with all power and victory/ Peter said you’re the Son of the living God, in short Jesus said this is me/ and upon this Rock I will build my church/ no gates of hell will prevails against it for what its worth/ do not compare me or my Supremacy to nothing of this earth/ the gospel of Jesus Christ incarnate is the power of the church/ Church on the Rock, built on a God who is faithful and keeps his promises, doc/ omnipotent, omniscient, opposition is not, there is not an opposite, so be confident when you say you serve an autonomous God/ who answers to no one, but willing to answer your prayers/ he subtlety speaks through his Spirit just to let you know that he cares/ the stone the building rejected, wrote his name in blood not ink/ a rock who is gentle and comforting, and also could pours you a drink – of living water/ set a fire in fossils– prophets and apostles, continued in faith, you do the same, stand firm in the gospel/ He hasn’t changed he is the same, he is a constant friend/ it wasn’t Him who hurt you, but that dishonest man/ he makes all things beautiful again, within the gift of his Son, there is no other message, this is the one!/ I know you may be hard pressed, but you are not crushed, perplexed, but not in despair/ persecuted, but not abandoned, struck down, but somehow you’re still standing here/ for this I pray, his glorious riches will strengthen you on today, within your spirit-man, let Christ dwell in your heart through faith/ Stay rooted in his love, the width, the length, the height, the depth, Christ is our answer, the Church on the Rock is all we have left/ So be encouraged saints/ with every step you take Emmanuel’s comes/ with every breath you make he blows air in your lungs/ he is the Son of God/ no one can come close or compare to his goodness, his power is working within us, his fullness, in Jesus Christ/ established us, for good works/ so be encouraged and faithful – to him, be the glory in the church!


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