Study God's Plan for Community in the Church

God designed us to thrive in community with others. As we study the bible together, we discover God's heart for his people to support, encourage, and provide for one another. 

What does it mean to do life together?

The gift of community is not simply Christians being really nice to their friends and the people with whom they go to church. Genuine community is more like a movement where groups of people have been set free by Christ to pursue radically different agendas with their life and lifestyles.

We're In This Together Study for Community Groups

This 4-week Video study has been put together by Christ Community Church and designed to equip and encourage your Community Group to build healthy and lasting relationships.

Each week includes a short video, group discussion questions, scripture study and 5 daily lessons for personal application.

Coming Soon

The revised We're in this Together study guide will be available at the Re-Source Bookstore in the Fall of 2018.

The 4 video sessions will also be available to view online at no cost.
Check back soon!

A sample study guide may also be available to checkout from the Community Groups Lending Library. Click HERE to submit a request to borrow study materials for your group.