October 17, 2020

Different Together:: Across Politics (Jim Nicodem)

Every church contains a wide array of political beliefs. So how can we--even in an election year--be different, but together? Pastor Jim Nicodem looks at Matthew 22 for wisdom.


October 11, 2020

Different Together: Across Generations (Jim Nicodem & Clayton Keenon)

Pastors Jim Nicodem and Clayton Keenon tag-team a message about how to be "different together" across generations.


October 4, 2020

Inspiring Stories: Darryl Strawberry

In 17 seasons of professional baseball, Darryl Strawberry accumulated a legendary list of achievements. Off the field, though, Darryl's life was plagued by destructive behavior and substance abuse.


September 27, 2020

Bible Every Day: God's Transforming Book (Jim Nicodem)

Pastor Jim finishes up our three part sermon series Bible Every Day by highlighting the transformational power of Bible reading and study.


September 20, 2020

Bible Every Day: God's Trustworthy Book (Clayton Keenon)

September 13, 2020

Bible Every Day: God's Authoriative Book (Jim Nicodem)

Senior Pastor Jim Nicodem kicks off the Bible Every Day sermon series by teaching on Scripture as an authoritative text.


September 6, 2020

The Big God Story: The End (Clayton Keenon)

Pastor Clayton wraps up our Big God Story series with a teaching on "The End."


August 30, 2020

The Big God Story: The Church (Eric Ferris)

Pastor Eric Ferris continues our study of the Bible's storyline as we reach the creation of Christ's church. Bonus: a fun look at the summer highlights for our Next Generation ministries.


August 22, 2020

The Big God Story: The Spirit (Cory Shumate)

Pastor Cory Shumate dove into the New Testament to share the next big part of The Big God Story: the arrival of the advocate Jesus sent to us.


August 16, 2020

The Big God Story: The Messiah (Josh Haight)

High School and College Pastor Josh Haight leads us to the culmination of the Big God Story, the story of the Messiah.


August 9, 2020

The Big God Story: The Exile and The Prophets (Clayton Keenon)

Pastor Clayton Keenon tells the story of the Exile and the prophets as we continue through The Big God Story.



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