Mobile App

We are very excited to provide the CCCLife app!



Below are Frequently Asked Questions about this helpful new tool for our church family. 

How Do I Get This On My Device?
Go to your device's app store (The App Store on iPhones or the Google Play Store for Android devices) and search CCCLife. Look for our logo. Install it on your device and you are off and running. This is a free app.

Why isn't my content updated from last weekend?
Each week, our team updates the app's outline and announcement sections. If your app does not seem to be updating, please close the app, reset the device, then reopen the app. That should force the app to seek an update. Also, we recommend that you try to update the content at home before you come to service. We may be seeing some issues due to all using the church wifi to update at the same time.

How do I stop getting Notifications/Alerts I don't care about?
All alerts that are sent to your device are stored under the Alerts tab so that you can go back and reference them at any time. Also in this section is where you can customize what alerts you receive:

1) Click on the ALERTS tab inside the app.

2) Click on the FILTER icon in the top right corner.

3) Uncheck any categories for which you do NOT want to receive notifications.

What’s the Main Function of the CCCLife App?
To be a digital supplement to the weekend service. In that role, the mobile app provides many of the features currently found in our Weekly Welcome right on your mobile device:

- Fill-in-the-blank sermon notes that are automatically archived in the Messages section so that, as long as you have your device, you will have access to your notes. Even better, your notes will be saved with the audio/video of that message so you can revisit the message at any time.

- All the announcements listed in the Weekly Welcome with links so you can learn more/sign up with the touch of a finger. Note: All announcements will be specific to your chosen campus.

- A digital Connection Card to request information, update your contact info, introduce yourself if new, etc.

- An opportunity to request prayer. You can post your prayer to our church prayer wall anytime through the app at Unlike the Weekly Welcome, you not only can give us your request but also access dozens of prayer requests for your quiet times.

What Does the App Do That the Weekly Welcome Doesn't?
Well, give you access to anything the church offers online--right in your pocket. The app will allow you to easily:

  1. Give online.
  2. Watch previous messages.
  3. Find upcoming events on the calendar.
  4. Browse the staff directory.
  5. See the weekend’s worship set list and even listen to a Spotify list.

Where Do I Find All These Features?
There are five different tabs (Weekend, Events, Messages, Alerts, and More). On the iPhone, these tabs are visible on the bottom of the screen. On Android devices, the tabs stretch along the top of the app. Note to Android users: You may have to scroll to the left to see the fifth tab, "More."

How do I find _____________?
Here is a quick rundown of what's under each tab:
Weekend  - This Weekend's Message, Announcements, Connection Card, Worship List, Give Online, Prayer Request.
Events - Event Calendar
Messages - Audio & video files and outlines for weekend messages organized by series.
Alerts - Past notifications received by your device.
More - About us, Locations & Times, Ministries, Social Media, Bible Reading, E-newsletter Signup, Prayer Request, Give Online, Staff Listing, Change Your Campus Designation.

What does the "Alerts" tab mean? What is this?
One of the main features that led us to choose this specific app for Christ Community is it's ability to send alerts or notifications. These are messages that pop up on the screen of an app user’s smart phone or tablet. With this app, we will have the ability to send occasional messages to app users. This means that if buildings are closed due to weather or we have big news, we can send a notification to the phone of everyone who has the app.

But don't worry. You won't get too many alerts from us. In fact, you can control the alerts you see. When you first download the app, you will be opted-in to get all notifications but you can change this at any time (see next question). This way, you can get notifications about specific ministries that you care about. 


Is the App One-Church or Campus-Specific?
It is campus specific! The first thing you select when you download the app is your campus. (It can always be changed in the settings.) Announcements and staff directory will be specific to your campus. In many ways, this makes the CCCLife app four apps in one!

Can the Weekend Scripture Link to the Bible App of My Choice?
Unfortunately, no. While we wanted to provide a quick link to the weekend’s featured scripture for folks who didn’t bring a Bible, our only option was YouVersion. The good news is that after you do a quick sign up for YouVersion, you can take notes, highlight verses, etc. However, we still encourage you first and foremost to have an NIV Study Bible hard copy or app. If you can’t, the YouVersion is a great second option we provide through the app.

Can the App Sync Between My Various Devices?
No, the app does not sync across multiple devices. We have spoken to our app provider about this and their platform does not support syncing across devices at this time. However, they are hoping to add that feature to their platform in the future.

So unfortunately, for now, sermon notes will only save and be viewable on the device that you take the notes on. We do have a share option though, so you can always send those notes to your email to save them that way as well.

Why Do I Seemingly Run out of Room to Take Notes Sometimes?
Unfortunately, some of our app users are experiencing a glitch in the notes section of the CCCLife app. The glitch involves the keyboard of their mobile device hiding the words they are typing. 

A fix for this glitch is in the works, but until then. Here's what we know and how you can avoid it:

-Why does the glitch happen: The glitch occurs when people go from typing in the notes section of the CCCLife app, out of the CCCLife app to access a different app (like their Bible app), and then back into the CCCLife app to type notes. As soon as they start typing notes, their keyboard hides what they are trying to type. Basically, the current platform has a problem going back and forth between different apps.

-How to avoid the glitch: If you do open up another app (like a Bible app), and then go back to the CCCLife app to take notes, be sure to shut down the CCCLife app completely before you type notes, launch it again, and then once you go back to the notes section and begin typing, the keyboard should not hide what you are typing. 

We apologize for this frustrating glitch and the extra step to take in order to avoid it. We hope to have the problem fixed as soon as our App Provider launches an update. Thanks for your patiences!