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February 25, 2024

Own Your Stuff

Pastor Jim teaches on Ezekiel 18 and asks, "Are you owning your stuff?"


February 19, 2024

When God Leaves the Building

Pastor Jim continues the teaching series walking through the Old Testament book of Ezekiel with a focus on a very tragic episode in the lives of God's people: when God left a group of people.


February 11, 2024

Seeing Reality

Pastor Clayton teaches the first message in a Lenten series on Ezekiel, one of the major prophetic books in the Bible. He shares three truths we learn from Ezekiel's vision.


February 4, 2024

Inspiring Stories with Mike Singletary

Executive Pastor Eric Ferris sits down with Super Bowl XX champion and Hall of Famer Mike Singletary to talk about the '85 Bears, coaching, and so much more.


January 28, 2024

Why Baptism Matters

It's the final week of the Disciples Belong series! Pastor Clayton teaches on why baptism matters from Galatians 3.


January 21, 2024

Why Groups Matter

Why do groups matter? Pastor Jim shares three big reasons.


January 14, 2024

Why Gathering Matters

Why do Christ-followers need to physically get together? Pastor Jim turns to Hebrews 10 for four reasons.


January 7, 2024

Why Church Matters

As a church, we are committed to making passionate disciples of Jesus Christ who are belonging, growing, serving, and reaching. That's why Christ Community is in a year-long study of these four marks. This weekend, the 4-week Belonging series begins by looking at why church matters.


December 31, 2023

Enemy Angels - Are You Being Scammed?

As the year ends, Executive Pastor Eric Ferris wraps up The Heavenly Host teaching series about angels by exploring Fallen Angels (also known as demons).


December 31, 2023

The King of Angels

Pastor Jim continues the current teaching series, The Heavenly Host, with a Christmas message on what Jesus's relationship with the angels says about him.


December 17, 2023

Angels and the Gospel

The advent exploration of angels continues with a tagteam srmon by Clayton Keenon, Sue Nicodem, Ben Chambers, and Jen Kelly on the role of angels in spreadng the Gospel.



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