October 1, 2023

Don't Play Favorites

Pastor Jim begins a four-part sermon series in the Epistle of James looking at passages about how we should treat others. First up: The foolishness of favortism.


September 24, 2023

Faith is Something You Do

Pastor Clayton looks to James to see what faith is and what faith would be without works.


September 17, 2023

Just Do It!

Pastor Jim teaches on Romans 12, where Paul urges Christ followers to do something with the truths he's been teaching. What is it we should do?


September 16, 2023

Just Do it Bonus Teaching: Surrender Your Body

An additional short teaching as part of point one in the September 16 & 17 sermon, Just Do It.


September 10, 2023


The Bible teaches that every genuine Christian follower should have the goal of becoming more and more and more like Jesus. How did Jesus live? What would Jesus do? Jesus came to serve.


September 3, 2023

I Am With You Always

Pastor Courtney Wilson concludes Christ Community's Summer School on Jesus' teachings that can change the world.


August 27, 2023

Sheep or Goats?

The Bible Savvy Podcast Team take over the weekly service! Pastors Clayton, Eric, and Nikki play some either/or and then dive into Matthew 25:31-46.


August 20, 2023

Your Top Priority

In Matthew 22, an expert in the law asks Jesus, "Which is the greatest commandment in the law?" Pastor Clayton looks at Jesus' answer for how it points to believers' top priority and next step.


August 13, 2023

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Jesus forgave. But what did Jesus teach about forgiveness? Pastor Eric Ferris goes to school on Jesus' words.


August 8, 2023

Lose Your Life to Save Your Life

Jesus says his followers must "deny themselves and take up their cross." But what does that really look like? And why would you ever deny yourself?


July 30, 2023

Survival Habits of the Soul

Ken Shigematsu is the Senior Pastor of Tenth Church in Vancouver, BC. He continues the study on Jesus' unexpected teachings by digging into Matthew 11's instruction to "take my yoke upon you."



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