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June 23, 2024

Practice Contentment

In the final sermon of the Heart Shapers series, Pastor Jim teaches on commandment number 10 and distinguishing between needs and wants.


June 16, 2024

Choose Honesty

Pastor Jim covers two commandments: numbers 8 & 9. They are closely related because they both address the topic of honesty, a character trait that matters immensely to God.


June 9, 2024

Value Sex

As the Heart Shapers series works through the 10 Commandments, Pastor Jim teaches on how Commandment #7 shapes our view of purity and sexual immorality today.


June 2, 2024

Treasure Life

Pastor Clayton applies the sixth commandment to today. Murder seems extreme, but Jesus connects this commandment with something more ordinary: anger.


May 26, 2024

Protect Rest

The fourth commandment instructs us to keep the Sabbath holy. Why? How do we do that in a culture of busyness?


May 19, 2024

Respect Authority

The study of the heart-shaping Ten Commandments continues in service this weekend with a deep dive into commandment number five.


May 12, 2024

Worship God

Pastor Jim Nicodem begins a sermon series on the Ten Commandments. Why keep these Old Testament rules? And what are the most important ones?


May 5, 2024

Can Suffering Lead to Growth?

Suffering. Sometimes it crushes us. Sometimes it grows us. What makes the difference?


April 28, 2024

Results-Oriented Prayer

How do we grow in Christ? This week, Pastor Jim plums Jesus' prayer life for lessons about how prayer grow us.


April 21, 2024

The Engine of Accountability

What is an accountability partner? What do they do? Pastor Clayton continues the study of how Christ followers grow.


April 14, 2024

"A" Is for Application

The Bible is the true, credible Word of God. So what are we going to do with it now? Pastor Jim teaches on how we grow by reading--and applying--the Bible.



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