Under Resourced

Outside of Covid-19, these are our ongoing impact areas and serving opportunities. Currently, many of our community partners are not receiving volunteers, or they are taking volunteers, but volunteering looks different for them at this time. We would love for you to learn about what Christ Community Church is doing in these impact areas and partnerships. Stay tuned for future serving opportunities.

The Problem

Poverty in the area surrounding our campuses ranges anywhere from 10 to 20 percent, which leads to many who are in need of basics many of us take for granted, like shelter, food, clothing, and community. Looking at this problem, it can leave us feeling helpless and unsure of how to step in and serve.

The Solution

The needs are great, but God is greater through each of us stepping in to be like the church in Acts 4:  "And God's grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them." 

Connecting the followers of Christ to partners locally, we hope to demonstrate true Christ-like behavior by providing food, clothing, safe housing, recovery programs, and job training. 

Get Involved


In light of current circumstances, the Under Resourced are the most affected. With food insecurity as a real concern, many are unsure about where their next meal is coming from. For a list of most needed items and food pantries we are partnering with during this time of outbreak, please visit our Coronavirus Serving Opportunities page.

We also have ideas of how you can serve those in residential homes for the elderly with "virtual visits". Further details for both these opportunities can be found at  ccclife.org/covid19serve.

One Collective has a vision for Elgin to see more relational bridges built - connecting people and resources within our community so that no one is invisible and people are empowered to solve problems. They have a heart to see people who’ve found the strength within themselves that unleashes them in our community to be free to pursue who they’ve been created to be, no longer trapped and pinned by the oppressive systems around them.


For over 90 years, Wayside Cross Ministries has provided restoration and recovery for the impoverished, addicted, and abused. Men, women, and children are discovering new life and new hope. Aurora used to be the end of the line for people leaving Chicago. Today, Wayside Cross Ministries in Aurora is a place of transformation and fresh starts.

No matter where your heart is pulled to serve, likely there is an opportunity for you at Wayside Cross Ministries - from single moms to mentoring opportunities to serving food. To check out all their opportunities, click below. 


Hesed House

Elderly & Disabled Care

Dunham Rehab


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