Internship and Residency Programs


Our Internship and Residency Programs have been carefully crafted to develop emerging leaders who feel called to vocational church ministry. Our programs are for:

▪️ Young people who are exploring and considering vocational ministry. Our internships are designed to be exploratory and developmental and meet the criteria of most internship requirements at high schools and colleges.
▪️ People who have completed a college degree in a ministry related field and are looking for their first full-time ministry experience in a place that values their development as future church leaders.
▪️ Young Adults/Adults who currently work in the marketplace and feel called to make the transition to vocational church ministry.


Christ Community’s internship experience is a short-term development program designed to offer hands-on practical experience, personal mentoring, and coaching for people of all ages discerning a call to vocational ministry. Internships can fulfill a college requirement or simply be for personal enrichment. Regardless of your motivation, our goal is to invest in you by providing opportunities to serve alongside staff in one of the ministry departments of Christ Community.

▪️ As short as three months or as long as a year.
▪️ Unpaid position- hrs per week varies
▪️ Provides special access to mentors, meetings and experiences.
▪️ All expenses covered (meals, training, resources)

Bryce McElroy“Through my years of being an intern at Christ Community, I learned what it means to lead from behind the scenes and plan ministry in a way that leads students into a deep relationship with Jesus. My internship taught me practical skills like preaching, organizing groups, and ministry programming, but the most valuable thing I learned in my internship is that ministry is first and foremost relational. Building deep and meaningful relationships with volunteers and students breathes a lot of life and joy into ministry. ”  -Bryce McElroy, Current Associate Student Pastor


Are you a recent college grad with a degree in a ministry related field? Looking to gain hands-on ministry experience in a culture that values your development? Considering working on a graduate degree? Our 1-year or 2-year residency program might be for you. Consider this your “first fulltime ministry role” where you can both make a difference and gain confidence in ministry.

▪️ 1-year or 2-year options
▪️ Fulltime paid position
▪️ Medical benefits and housing opportunities
▪️ Mentoring, ministry experience
▪️ The 2-year program includes an MA in Ministry Leadership through our partnership with Judson University


If you currently work in the marketplace and are sensing a call into full-time ministry, this residency program will give you the hands-on experience, formal education, and intentional mentoring to pursue your calling. 1 or 2 year residency options are available. We will also provide opportunities for accredited coursework at one of our partner schools.

▪️ 1-year or 2-year options
▪️ Fulltime paid position
▪️ Medical benefits and housing opportunities
▪️ Mentoring, ministry experience
▪️ The 2-year program includes an MA in Ministry Leadership through our partnership with Judson University



Ministry Mentors
Every intern and resident is assigned a Ministry Mentor. Ministry Mentors are current CCC staff that will function as the individual's supervisor and coach for the duration of the program. Mentors are assigned based on the ministry focus area chosen.

Ministry Focus Areas
▪️Areas of ministry for residency & internship include:
▪️Campus Pastor
▪️Discipleship (aka- Adult Ministries or Spiritual Formation)
▪️Creative Arts (production, worship service, and event planning)
▪️Outreach (Community Impact/International Impact)
▪️Communications and Marketing

Residency Areas of Development:
Residency covers seven elements of church leadership development in three phases.
1. Ministry Experience
2. Leadership Coaching
3. Personal Development
4. Theological Training
5. Evangelistic Growth
6. Church Organization/Culture
7. Evaluations/Feedback

Phase 1:
Orientation phase (learning behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts of ministry and working on a church staff). During this phase, the resident coach ensures that the resident becomes a functioning member of the church staff and their ministry team. This includes onboarding training in all systems, shadowing members of the team, weekly one-on-one mentoring meetings, etc.

Phase 2:
Maturation Phase - actively serving on a ministry team (out front, leading, shepherding, developing others). Leadership assignment is given in line with gifting and passion areas and ministry needs. Learning to lead through volunteers. Development coaching in areas that need personal development.

Phase 3:
Completion Phase (handoff, delegate, looking forward to what’s next). During this phase, the resident will begin to completely delegate their responsibilities to volunteer leaders that they have trained. They will start working on their resume and job search skills with the goal of securing a vocational ministry role. One-on-one coaching continues with the residency mentor.

Internship Areas of Development
Internship covers four elements of church leadership development in one phase.
1. Ministry Experience
▪️Assisting in the planning and execution of specific ministry programs/projects
▪️Attending Staff Meetings

2. Theological Development
▪️Participating in monthly theological and evangelism training
▪️Participation in prayer meetings

3. Leadership Development
▪️Working alongside staff team
▪️Learning how to work with a develop others

4.Personal Development
▪️Engaging in a mentoring relationship with a Ministry Mentor
▪️Taking evaluative tests; understanding key strengths
▪️Reading assignments with feedback and discussion