At Risk Youth

Outside of Covid-19, these are our ongoing impact areas and serving opportunities. Currently, many of our community partners are not receiving volunteers, or they are taking volunteers, but volunteering looks different for them at this time. We would love for you to learn about what Christ Community Church is doing in these impact areas and partnerships. Stay tuned for future serving opportunities.

The Problem

Did you know that we can predict the future success of a student by looking at their third grade reading levels? When a third-grader does not meet state standards, their likelihood of graduating goes down. This translates to increased high school dropouts and increased prison rates. 

The Solution

By walking alongside students at the elementary level, we can participate in their development through programs like Kids' Hope USA. From a larger community view, organizations like One Collective, Elgin are working to network a collaboration of resources for the betterment of the community at large. 




Get Involved

Christ Community Church partners with organizations which prioritize and provide opportunity for outreach rather than just serving for the sake of serving.

Mentor one grade-school-aged child, one hour, one time per week during the school year.

Aurora: McCleery Elementary DeKalb: Little John's Elementary Saint Charles: Davis & Richmond

NOTE: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all Kids' Hope serving opportunities are on hold until June 1st. However, you can still select to serve for the 2020/21 school-year by selecting your local school above.

Be a Community Advocate

Select a local partner below to serve with. They are already doing the work with At Risk Youth within your community. NOTE: Needs may be altered during this season of coronavirus outbreak. 


Find Opportunities to Serve Within Your Community

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