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COMMUNITy groups in a world of social distancing

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Hundreds of CCC Community Groups are getting creative as we figure out how to meet and support one another with the current necessary restrictions in place. Here is a list of ideas from the staff and group leaders on how to navigate group life in this season. 

Have more ideas on how to gather your people while maintaining proper social distancing guidelines? Email  and we will add them to the list

What is a Community Group?
A Community Group is an intentional community consisting of 3 to 12 people who meet regularly to pursue spiritual growth, friendship and support. It's a safe place to study the Bible, share your life, and ask tough questions. Community Groups meet 2 or more times a month, though weekly meetings are most common. Groups gather at a member's home, on the church campus, or even in a local restaurant. 

Check out the video below to catch a glimpse of Community Group life:

How do I get connected?
Community Groups welcome newcomers throughout the year. Click on the Campus links below or a group type on the left to get the connection process started. Feel free to try a few groups to find the right fit for you.

AURORA campus

At Aurora, we offer a variety of groups for young adults, 60+, married couples, men, and women. We also offer a 60+ monthly event and mixed adult groups. 

dekalb campus

At Dekalb, we offer groups for young adults, married couples, men, and women, as well as mixed adult groups. 

st. charles campus

At St. Charles, we offer groups for young adults, married couples, men, and women, as well as mixed adult groups. We also offer two Super Groups for 60+

Streamwood Campus

At Streamwood, we offer groups for young adults, men, and women, and married couples, as well as mixed adult groups.