Everyday Evangelism Seminar

(Registration Required, see below for dates and locations)

This practical training seminar will be taught by our Evangelism Pastor Jym Kay. Pastor Jym comes to us from a church of 18,000 in South Florida where he had led Evangelism, Missions, Local Outreach and most recently planted and pastored a satellite campus in a multi–ethnic Caribbean community. Jym spent 14 years of his life as a Missionary in Asia is married and has a 16 year old son. 

This training seminar will be a fun and interactive morning of learning and sharing. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • The Biblical importance of Evangelism
  • Understanding the current culture in America
  • The six different styles of communicating the Gospel
  • How to get a conversation started
  • How to craft your testimony
  • How to share the Gospel
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