Financial Freedom

Money touches almost every area of our lives. It can be a source of stress, or a form of blessing. The way we respond to money and handle our finances can even affect our relationship with God. We can allow money to control our thoughts and desires, pushing God aside and driving us further away from Him. Or, we can choose to trust Him with our resources, and seek to manage them His way, allowing our finances to be another way that we serve God and see His provision in our lives.

This is probably why the Bible has so much to say about money. In fact, there’s more said about money and possessions in Scripture than about faith, prayer or heaven! It’s estimated that one out of every ten New Testament verses, including a third of Jesus’ parables, deals with the subject.

Financial Freedom ministry exists to offer tools and resources which assist you in creating a God-honoring balance between wise spending, reasonable saving and investing, and generous giving, using biblical principles.

Whether you’re looking for help to overcome serious financial struggles, wisdom for planning ahead, or just hoping to learn more about what God says about money, we’re here for you. Please click on the links to the left, to learn more about our offerings.

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