Hope in Depression for Women - St. Charles

Are you facing serious life challenges such as depression? Anxiety? Chronic Illness? The Bible teaches us that our emotions are an indispensable part of what makes us human-and play a crucial role in our relationships with God and others. We will be studying the book Untangling Emotions, Groves & Smith, and will explore how God designed emotions for our good. This book shows us how to properly engage with our emotions-even more difficult ones like fear, anger, shame, guilt and sorrow-so we can better understand what they reveal about our hearts and handle them wisely in everyday moments.

Care Night classes will be offered with current Covid protocols. For more details, please read the Participation Agreement. 

Fall Session has closed.

Next Session: WINTER 2022: Tuesdays, January 4 - March 22, 2022. 6:30-8:30 p.m.


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