Giving Options


God provides for the ministry of Christ Community Church through your tithes and offerings.

We offer a number of ways for you to give to the ministry of Christ Community Church.

Cash and Online Gifts

Weekend Worship Services - At all four campuses, as we worship God through the giving of our tithes and offerings. You may CLICK HERE to give your offering online via ACH or credit/debit card or you can place your cash or check in the offering bag that is collected during the worship service. Please make checks payable to Christ Community Church.

Online - To give via ACH or credit/debit card, you may CLICK HERE to give. Online giving is secure, tax deductible and makes first-fruit giving convenient and simple. Make a one-time gift to a number of funds, or set up a recurring gift to the general fund for your campus. You may contribute to funds that are not available online by giving to the offering during the weekend services or mailing them to our accounting office.

By Mail - You may pick up pre-addressed, postage paid envelopes at any one of our four campuses and mail your check back to the church. Please do not mail cash.

Mobile - Give via the CCCLIFE mobile app. You can find it in the iOS or Android store.

Automatic Bank Pay - Many banks offer the ability to make payments electronically through their website. Simply login to your bank's web page and follow the instructions to set up Christ Community Church as a new payee. If you choose to give through this option, please indicate which of our four campuses you would like to designate your gift.


Non-cash & Asset based gifts

One of the most effective ways to give is through non-cash giving due to the positive tax ramifications. Here are several non-cash giving options:

Stock gifts:

Stocks or mutual funds can be given directly to the church through a transfer from your broker or account. If the stock or mutual fund has appreciated since it’s acquisition, you can avoid capital gains tax by gifting it directly versus selling, then giving. Additionally, you will receive a tax deduction for the current market value of the charitable gift. Giving appreciated assets like this actually makes excellent financial sense because of the tax savings. Some people will choose to give stock over cash and then use cash to reinvest, resetting the cost basis of the stock or mutual fund. 

For example, if you paid $5,000 for a block of stock and now it’s worth $10,000, you can gift that to the church and not recognize that $5,000 of long-term capital gain. But in addition, you still get a full fair market value deduction for the stock. So, instead of a $5;000 deduction you would receive a deduction of $10,000 fair market value of the sale of the stock.

HERE is the form you can use with your broker for the transfer of securities. 

Gifting Appreciated Real Estate: 

Much like giving appreciated stock, giving real estate can have significant tax and Kingdom advantages. For example, if you bought a rental house 20 years ago and paid $50,000 for it and now it’s $150,000, you could gift that rental house and avoid the $100,000 worth of long-term capital gain. But you would still get a full fair market value charitable deduction of $150,000 for the sale of the rental house. 

IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions:

If you have IRA’s and are over 70.5 yrs old you are required to take minimum distributions each year even if you don’t need those moneys at the time. You will be taxed on these distributions. If you choose to gift these distributions directly to the church, you are not taxed on these dollars. This also impacts your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) which may keep you in a lower tax bracket. Many people have chosen to use this as part of their regular tithes and offerings given the tax advantage. You can find a form and instructions for doing this HERE

Designating the Church as a Beneficiary:

One simple way to give to the church in the future is to designate Christ Community Church as a beneficiary on your investment accounts, Will or Trust. Many people choose to plan to give after they die through these designations. This is fairly simple to do and does not necessarily entail significant expenses (such as lawyer fees).   

If you have questions about these or other giving strategies we’d love to talk with you. You can contact Larry Stratton, Generosity Pastor at . 

Christ Community Church has partnered with the National Christian Foundation (NCF) to help process asset-based gifts. The video below helps explain how asset-based giving may be beneficial to a donor.

Legacy planned giving

This is the process of planning for the distribution of your assets through your will or living trust in a way that leaves a legacy that you will pass on to the next generation. It ensures your values and life investments are invested in Christ’s Kingdom through your local church and ministries that know and trust beyond your lifetime. Your thoughtful planned giving can also provide your children and grandchildren with provisions that will bless them. 

We offer a free and simple online tool called My Legacy Planner, which allows individuals in all circumstances and stages of life to review options related to creating a thorough and thoughtful estate plan. Check out this tool, here.

To include Christ Community Church in your estate plan, please contact Larry, at or 630-485-3336.