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Here is an encouraging article about Planned Parenthood losing nearly half a million donors last year!

400,000 Less Donors

For Sanctity of Life Sunday, we had the honor of having Sue Thayer, Director of Operations for 40 Days for Life, and a former Planned Parenthood Center Manager. If you missed the opportunity to hear Sue's story, you can watch the event HERE.

Christ Community's own Ricki Giersch and Catherine Walker were interviewed on the 40 Days for Life Podcast: Healing the Wounds of Abortion

Scott Klusendorf from Life Training Institute offers strategies for creatively and effectively communicating with others about the humanity and God-given worth of all pre-born babies with the team at Focus on the Family.  
Expressing Pro-life Views in Winsome Ways Part 1 
Expressing Pro-life Views in Winsome Ways Part 2

Do you know what the current laws are surrounding abortion? Find out more here: Abortion Laws

Check out this message from Pastor Jim Nicodem on the importance of Social Justice and our role as Christ followers: Bible Savvy: Social Justice

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