Provide a safe and loving environment for babies through 3-year-olds (weekends).

Small-Group Leaders Preschool-Kindergarten

Build relationships with 8-10 preschool children through activities and small group discussions (weekends).

Small-Group Leaders Elementary

Build relationships with 8-10 elementary children through activities and small group discussions (weekends or EPIC).

Large Group Storytellers

Storytellers communicate in such a way that scriptural truths become unforgettable to kids (weekends or EPIC).

Worship Leaders & Tech Team

The worship team leads kids with energy and enthusiasm to worship God for who He is and what He has done. The tech team enhances worship through sound and lights (weekends or EPIC).

Check-In/Check-Out & Safety

Check-in families at computer stations and check-out after service; keep KidsWorld safe during services (weekends or EPIC).


Greet new families and help them get acclimated to KidsWorld and Christ Community.

Administrative & Special Events

Help out with various tasks during the week or at special events. Various serving opportunities are weekly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis.

Special Needs

Provide one-on-one support to a child with special needs (weekends or EPIC).

Adult/Student Helpers

Participate in all activities and assist small group leaders in Early Childhood and Elementary classes (weekends).