We believe that God is faithful to not only hear our prayers but to answer them!  We also know that reconciling the nations to himself is something that is close to God’s heart. Join us as we pray for our partner countries across the globe!

There are a number of ways you can join us as we pray for our partners across the globe:

1. Pray for our monthly focus country by clicking here Monthly Prayer Focus.

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3. Download a wallpaper HERE for your smartphone of one or all our partner countries and use it as a daily reminder to pray for that nation!

4. Pray through our partners:


God our father, we lift up the country of Bangladesh to you. We pray that your spirit would continue to work powerfully through new believers in the church plant ministry in Bangladesh. We pray that you would give the persecuted strength to endure for your name’s sake. We pray that your loving character would be displayed through the good works of the Christian Service Society.
We pray that the people of Bangladesh would “sing the praises of the Lord… and proclaim among the nations what He (Jesus) has done.” (Psalm 9:11)


Jesus, thank you that you have a deep passion to see your name made known to the remote jungle villages in the Amazon River basin. We pray that you would resource the River ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Manaus to reach the lost, make disciples and plant churches. Give us a greater heart for the Brazilian people.

God, we declare that, you will be lifted up in the nation of Brazil as you are lifted up in the earth. (Psalm 46:10)

Czech Republic

Jesus our King, we pray for the country of Czech Republic. We pray that once again your spirit would move among the people, drawing them to yourself. We pray for them to turn from their sin and open their spiritual eyes to you. We pray for the leaders of Josiah Venture that they would be refreshed by you and that this year would be a great year of growth.

God you said to King David in Psalm 2:8, “Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” We ask this for the country of Czech Republic today.


God you love the people of Haiti more than we ever could, and we pray that you would open our hearts to love them as you do. We know that it grieves your heart that a people, whom so many claim to love you, also bend a knee to other gods. We pray now, against Satan’s hold on that nation. We pray that the power of the Gospel would transform the nation of Haiti from person to person. We pray for our partner Open Door Haiti as they are ministering to the people in Haiti.

We pray for your ways to be known in Haiti, your salvation to all the people. (Psalm 67:2)


Please pray for the political unrest in the country of Nicaragua.

Shine your glory, through us, as we go and make disciples! (Genesis 12:1-13, Matthew 28:18-20)

Sierra Leone

Holy Spirit we praise you for your great redeeming work in Sierra Leone! We pray for New Harvest Global Ministries as they seek to plant a church in every village. We pray that you would supply the leaders, the Bibles, the spiritual breakthrough, and the resources to continue to establish your church in that nation. God, we are ready to be sent by you as we pray, give and go to impact Sierra Leone. You are the Lord of all the earth and you are the Lord of Sierra Leone. We are willing to shout your name!

Therefore I will praise you, LORD, among the nations; I will sing the praises of your name. (Psalm 18:49)


Every month, we specifically pray for one of the six countries where we have international partnerships. For June, we are focusing on Bangladesh.

Christian Service Society
Our long term partner in Bangladesh, Christian Service Society (CSS) led by Mark Munchi is preparing to celebrate 50 years since its founding in 1972. Pray for the planning and logistics of this celebration, safety for the thousands that will be involved, and travel for partners from around the world that will converge in Khulna in early November. One of our Christ Community Church GO Teams will travel during that time to participate in the grand celebration of God’s hand at work in Bangladesh through CSS.

CSS has received great accolades associated with their nursing school that opened just 2 years ago. In order to expand, the government has authorized CSS to add additional dormitory space for students, and therefore accommodate more nursing students in the school. Currently the demand for skilled nurses is putting tremendous pressure on healthcare providers, thereby compromising the quality of healthcare fir Bangladeshis. Through donations from private individuals, CSS has begun that construction (see photos). The cost to build a new floor is total about $120K USD, about $30K has been raised thus far allowing construction to start. They hope to be substantially complete by the November celebration. Pray for additional funding to support this needed project as Bangladesh suffers from a significant shortage of health care workers.

CSS has a significant micro-loan program for people to start small businesses such as a cow, chickens or goats where they can sell milk and eggs. or perhaps a sewing machine to make cloths. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, many of these businesses were devastated. Some even had to literally “eat” their own business to survive as near starvation gripped the country during long lockdown periods. CSS is rebuilding the program and issuing new loans, which ultimately supports the people and CSS through a small interest on the loan. Pray for assistance from the government, and for the program to come back quickly as recovery continues.

House Church Movement
During the 2021 year-end gift campaign, Christ Community Church provided funds to support our pastors. Funding has reached those church pastors throughout the country. Below are some stories that speak to how Christ Community has been able to support the church in a significant way:


I am 41 and married, and I have a wife and three children. My wife and I became followers of Jesus around four years ago and join at a house church and then I learn from my mentor Martin. Then I plan and start reaching outto who I can disciple for Jesus. I started discipling five men. I teach and mentor beside my fish business. But after the COVID starts we face huge challenge especially during the lockdown time. I lost all my capital and stopped my business. I decided to work as daily labor and sometimes Rickshaw puller. Recently, I received a gift $500 which I accepted as a blessing from God. I plan to restart my fish business again. I invested all the money into the business and getting good profit from it. Thank you for the gift.


I am 41 years old. I have a daughter. I received Jesus two years ago. My husband died of coronavirus in 2021. After the death of my husband, I was living a lost life with my only daughter. I
could not understand how my family would work. Then a sewing machine from the network assisted me and paid me some money, through which I managed my family by earning sewing work. I was told believing brothers and sisters from America have helped. I sincerely thank you for helping me. Pray for me that I may continue to do the work of the Lord’s kingdom.


On the morning of December 24, 2021, a total of seventeen houses in my neighborhood, including my house, were gutted by fire. There is nothing left to use in every family. Everything is burnt to ashes and houses are completely destroyed by fire. We lose our clothes, our food grains. The believing brothers and sisters of the village initially helped us with some clothing and food items. We have to shelter in the village school house. We prayed to the Lord and fasted so that the Lord would help us build houses. A week later we were assured that the brothers and sisters from America would help us build the house. We were overjoyed and thanked God. Thank you very much! Now, we have built seventeen houses and started living there with our families. When our house was on fire, some radical people in the village mocked us and told us that it was a curse of God. But when we rebuilt the house in a very short time, all those people are very ashamed. Many of us have been strengthened, so we are preaching the gospel of Jesus to the people of the village with more enthusiasm. Now people don’t make fun of us anymore. Pray for us so that we can carry on the work of the Lord’s Kingdom more effectively.