First Responders-Reboot - St. Charles


Are you or anyone in your family a first responder? We know the weight you carry can be overwhelming and we're here to help!

Maybe you find yourself struggling with the stress or trauma that comes with your job. Many have lost friends and colleagues in the line of duty - this just adds to the stress you already deal with every day. As a result, PTSD is something that many first responders live with. Left unsupported, this could lead to unhealthy habits and pain to themselves and their families. That's where REBOOT comes in. Through REBOOT, first responders and their families are finding renewed purpose and revived optimism.

Our faith-based stress and trauma healing journey is designed to address the spiritual and moral toll that critical incidents take on those with the law enforcement, firefighter and EMS communities. Together we can see families heal, divorce rates drop, substance abuse decrease and suicide numbers reduced. 

Resource material is free of charge, but registration is needed to provide a web link to the workbook and videos.

6-Week Fall Session: Tuesdays, Sept. 29th - Nov. 4th, 2020.  6:30-8:30 p.m.  Location TBA