Christ Community is in the process of  developing a full-time residency training program designed to provide hands-on ministry experience, personalized mentoring, leadership and discipleship training, while emphasizing healthy ministry habits to sustain you for a lifetime in ministry. In addition to all of that, we are working with local universities in the hopes of providing residents the option to earn their Master’s Degree as a part of their leadership development. Areas of ministry for residency include:

  • Students
  • Children
  • Discipleship
  • Worship
  • Creative Arts
  • Communications and Marketing

While the program is in development, we would still love to support you in your calling and career in ministry. If interested in learning more about our residency program, please contact Eric Ferris at


Christ Community’s internship experience is a short term development program designed to offer hands-on practical experience, personal mentoring, and coaching for people discerning a call to vocational ministry. Internships can fulfill a college requirement or simply be for personal enrichment. Regardless of your motivation, our goal is to invest in you by providing opportunities to serve alongside staff in one of the ministry departments of Christ Community. During the internship you will have opportunities to grow and learn in the following areas.

Ministry Development 

  • Assisting in the planning and execution of a specific ministry program/project
  • Attending Staff Meetings

Theological Development

  • Participating in monthly theological and evangelism training
  • Participation in Prayer Meetings

Leadership Development

  • Working alongside servant leaders
  • Learning how to support those you serve

Personal Development

  • Engaging in a mentoring relationship with a Ministry Mentor
  • Taking evaluative tests; understanding key strengths
  • Reading assignments with feedback and discussion
Christ Community currently offers two internship options

Non-Traditional Internship Program

  • Unpaid, could be as little as 2-3 hrs per week
  • Not less than 10 weeks
  • Requirements – could be a High School Junior with Parent sign off

Traditional Internship Program

  • Unpaid, 30-40 hrs per week
  • 3 months, Mid-May to Mid-August
  • Schedule is Set (With some allowance for summer vacations/Go Teams)
  • Requirements – College enrollment and/or degree with a ministry focus, laptop, transportation

If you are interested in applying for an internship please contact Katie at