Christmas Eve 2014: Christmas Time

December 24, 2014

Jim Nicodem

Well, this is Christmas Eve. We’re celebrating a ginormous event—a lot of preparing and waiting went into the original Christmas.

No human being was responsible for the preparations—God was! And when God finally had everything in place—the wait was over. The BIG day had arrived. It was time!

Here’s how the apostle Paul puts it (Galatians 4:4): But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son…

Paul wrote his NT epistle of Galatians in Greek. And this is how Galatians 4:4 begins, literally, in the original Greek text: When the fullness of time came… The fullness of time—fullness was a word that the ancient Greek’s used to describe a cup that had been filled to the brim. There’s no room for anything more—it’s full.

Well, God had been filling the cup of time—getting things ready for that first Christmas—and the cup was finally full. It was time for Jesus’ arrival. It was Christmas time. How had God been preparing for this big event?