Hands & Feet: Serving The Vulnerable

Hands & Feet: True Spirituality

October 25, 2014

Jim Nicodem

Today, we’re beginning a new 3-part series—and this first sermon in the series is going to address the issue of what real spirituality looks like. Who is truly spiritual?

It’s easy to make the claim: I am a Christ follower. Or: I have a personal relationship with God. Or: I am a spiritual person. But how would we know if we’re telling the truth about ourselves? How would we know if we’re the real deal? Is it enough to just mouth those words?

Well, the Bible gives us a litmus test for true spirituality. And that litmus test pops up—not only in one passage of Scripture, or in one book of the Bible. It pops up again and again and again throughout the pages of God’s Word.

That litmus test is the major theme of our new 3-part series. It’s the theme of caring for the poor and needy. Serving the most vulnerable members of our society. We’re calling this series: Hands & Feet. Why? Because God wants us to get physically involved in meeting others’ needs. God wants us to roll up our sleeves. God wants us to step out and do something.

True spirituality is not just saying the right things—it’s doing the right things.