Killjoy: The Obstacles to True Happiness

Killjoy: Freedom From Discontent

November 23, 2014

Jim Nicodem

The killjoy we’re talking about today is discontent.

Now, discontent comes in all shapes and sizes. You can be discontent about: your job; the size of your house; how your kids are turning out; Chicago’s football team; the size of your nose; the food you’re served at a restaurant; your holiday plans…

What are you discontent about today? There are 101 ways to be discontent. And discontent will rob you of joy. So, what is the antidote for discontent? How can we banish this killjoy from our lives?

Today we’re going to learn how to cultivate gratitude in our lives—because gratitude is the antidote to the killjoy of discontent. There are four steps associated with gratitude that we’re going to draw out of Philippians 4.