Killjoy: The Obstacles to True Happiness

Killjoy: Freedom From Self-Absorption

December 7, 2014

Jim Nicodem

Today we’re looking at self-absorption.

I have a tendency (and so do you) to get stuck on myself…to view the world as if it resolves around me…to treat other people as if they’re supporting cast members in the drama of my life. (And don’t tell me that you’re any different from me.)

How do we move from self-absorption (our natural tendency)—to others-centeredness?

Paul teaches us that it begins with our mindset—how we think about things. In fact, Paul uses the Greek verb to phroneo—to think/consider/perceive/set your mind on—10 times in the epistle of Philippians. If we will change our thinking—our attitudes and behaviors will follow suit.

Let’s take a look at what sort of thinking liberates us from self-absorption.