Untamed God: A Healthy Fear Of The Almighty

Untamed God: The Last Thing You Should Be Afraid Of

October 19, 2014

Clayton Keenon

Today we are concluding a series called “Untamed God.”

For the last two weeks, Pastor Jim has been talking about this notion of the “fear of God,” which is an idea we don’t often talk about, even though the Bible talks about it a lot—over 150 times in both the Old and New Testament.

The Bible is clear: we are supposed to fear God. We are supposed to have a healthy reverence for our almighty, holy, just God—why? Well, for one reason, because he is the one who determines our eternal destiny.

It would be foolish to approach God without some awe, without some fear, because he is the one that we will answer to for our lives. And that is why we need to talk about hell, because we need to know what is really at stake when it comes to approaching God.