Sports Leadership

Are you active in a sport that we don't offer right now? Are you good at organizing and coordinating?

Consider heading up one of the following sports at Christ Community or send us an idea!

  • Kayaking (May launch)
  • Disc Golf - (April - October)
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Running (Co-ed) 

Additional information about sports leadership or sport requirements can be found below. If you have questions or other ideas, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

New Leader Requirements
  • Be committed to represent Christ and His church with honor and integrity.
  • Have an intentional spiritual element … that is, a person who is willing to give a brief 4-6 minute Bible devotional and lead in prayer before or after each game or meeting. Resources for devotionals can be found here.
  • Be a member of CCC or achieving membership status within one year.
  • Be a member of a CCC Community Group or has plans to join a group within one year.
  • Consistently promote the C/G vision to all participants.
  • Complete the Leadership Application to be followed by a brief interview for approval with the sports pastor.
  • Attend the SLT (Sports Leadership Training) once yearly, typically in October.
Sport Ministry Requirements
  • Have a co-leader who can meet the leadership requirements. (highly encouraged)
  • Have a reasonable level of interest to get started.
  • Be self-supporting.
  • Incude a devotional and prayer at every sport-gathering.
 Email  to discuss volunteer leadership!