Homes of Hope

With residual fallout from Covid-19, be advised partners may have different guidelines for the protection of those they serve. Many are now accepting volunteers and looking forward to having you serve with them!

The Problem

In Illinois alone, there are 18,000 children in foster care. Over 3,300 of those children are waiting to be adopted. 

The Solution: Homes of Hope

At Christ Community Church, we see a future where all kids at risk of foster care have a home. The mission of Homes of Hope is to cultivate a culture within Christ Community Church that encourages and prepares individuals, couples, and families to care for vulnerable children and spread the good news of Jesus in the process. 

Homes of Hope Objectives:
  • Awareness – What does the Bible say about caring for vulnerable children? How can we care through education, information, and promotion?
  • Resources – How can we facilitate the provision of resources in the areas of finances, events, learning, and other opportunities?
  • Connections – Many who want to help might not know where to start. Safe Families coordinates the connection of individuals, couples, and families with the right people and organizations.

Those who serve with Safe Families from Christ Community Church have a unique influence within the lives of the children and their families. There are unique connection and evangelism opportunities which support our heart mission to see all come to know Jesus Christ and belong to a community of believers.

Homes of Hope also builds a community across all campuses of families who have a passion for meeting this specific need. We hope to create a culture within Christ Community of those who care for and love on vulnerable children and their families. 

Get Involved

Are you interested in adoption? Christ Community Church provides financial grants for those interested in forever changing the lives of these vulnerable children.

Adoption Application

The church's vision is to help families who want to adopt with the financial burden that exists. In the application, you will find questions about your finances, spiritual walk and your background. After you have filled out the application you can email it to , and it will be reviewed and we will get back to you. 

If this season of your life is challenging to consider adoption, however you still have a heart to help vulnerable children, Safe Families may be the right fit for you. Learn more below.  

Safe Families

The Forgotten Initiative has been apart of our community for a little over seven years. This organization helps to support the foster care community through awareness, encouragement, and advocacy. They provide service to agency workers, foster parents, vulnerable adults and vulnerable children.

To serve the foster community, click below. Bonus: Check out this blog post on our Community Impact Blog.

The Forgotten Initiative

Give directly to families within our church looking to adopt vulnerable children.

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