Welcome to the Week of Prayer

May 3-9
Three times a year, we set aside a week to pray for our ministries, community, and nation. Now is the time for prayer together.

What should you pray for?


Sunday - Creative Arts/Weekend Services
  • People to stay engaged and consistent in participating in online services, even as it begins to feel normal.
  • Powerful worship experiences as we sing together in our homes.
  • Our church to be eager to return to in-person services, and that we would never take for granted the joy of worshiping in person with other Christ-followers.
  • People to have ears to hear God’s Word as we study the book of Psalms in May and June.
  • Protection, personal growth, and spiritual intimacy with Jesus for all our pastors and volunteers as they lead us in worship each week.
Monday - Leadership and Resources
  • Wisdom for pastors, elders, and trustees as they lead through new and unprecedented situations during and after the COVID-19 crisis.
  • New trustees and elders coming on board in the upcoming year. Pray for wisdom, protection, spiritual depth, courage, and deep love for God’s people.
  • Our hundreds of volunteers at each of our campuses, who are the backbone of our church, to remain engaged in ministry, in informal ways, even when they cannot serve in the official ways they normally do.
  • God to provide the financial resources needed for the church to continue to serve people in need, reach people with the gospel, make disciples, and foster community. 
  • Our buildings, that during this time, they would be protected and that our building services team will be able to address long-needed projects
Tuesday - Care/Connections
  • People to remain connected at each of our campuses, even when we cannot meet in person.
  • People who are in financial need because of COVID-19 to have all their needs met
  • Our Care Night groups as they continue through our online meetings, for lives to continue to be transformed through God’s power.
    Individuals who are in a difficult spot in their lives who are looking for help in turning their lives around
  • For each person to feel connected and cared for by by the church in a time when we cannot gather
  • Those who work in the healthcare industry or have close family members who do. 
  • People who struggle with anxiety and depression which are harder during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Our counseling partners to help in bringing mental health and spiritual guidance.
  • The many marriages that have come through Care Night, that they would continue to do the work to continue down the road of healing.
Wednesday - Next Generation
  • Wisdom for the Next Gen team as we seek to effectively disciple kids and students, resource parents, and serve volunteers in new and different ways during this time.
  • Wisdom for parents and grandparents as they lead their families spiritually. They should always take the lead on that. So pray that any new, helpful practices that might have been forced on families due to current circumstances will remain. 
  • Peace and healing for families that are experiencing tension and discord in their relationships
  • A genuine curiosity and desire in the kids and students to love and study Scripture. Pray for the EPIC and Bible Savvy journals to be widely used by them.  
  • Rest, peace and strength for our volunteers. We ask a lot of them and they are our partners in ministry. Pray that as they lead, each of them grows in their personal walk with Jesus.
  • Pray that if our summer camps and programs have to change, that we are able to creatively and effectively engage kids and students this summer.
  • Strength and unity among our staff team. Especially as we incorporate new members onto the team and learn to work alongside each other. 
Thursday - National Day of Prayer
  • Pray for the COVID-19 to stop around the world. Pray for no new cases and all the sick to be healed immediately. 
  • Today’s National Day of Prayer to be a time when light is shown in the darkness. Pray that Christians in our country model and exemplify Jesus’ words, “Love one another.”
  • People across the U.S. to turn to Christ and spark the next great spiritual awakening
  • Government leaders and health officials to have wisdom as they guide our nation 
  • Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals as they work on the frontlines of this pandemic
  • Business leaders use their influence to create productive organizations that help their employees, clients, and communities flourish.
Friday - Adult Ministries
  • Community groups to places of belonging, where it people feel safe enough to know each other and be known (Romans 12:5) and where the lost find a place to belong (Romans 15:7).
  • Community groups to be places of growing, where people experience transformation through the knowledge of Jesus (Matthew 18:20) and rely on the Spirit to reveal new biblical truth through study and prayer (Ephesians 1:17).
  • Community groups to be places of serving, where group members to care for each other well through prayer and encouragement (Galatians 6:2), and our hearts are softened for the hurting and those in need (Galatians 5:13).
  • Community groups to be places of reaching, where group members to invite their friends and neighbors to connect to their group (Acts 2:46-47), and where group members that are learning to share their faith to confidently take their next steps in evangelism (Romans 1:12).
Saturday - Outreach
  • Unchurched people to see our church as a refuge, a place of hope, and a place for them to belong, so that when we return to in-person gatherings, we have a flood of people showing up for the first time.
  • Pray that sharing the Good News about Jesus and his Kingdom would go beyond a program and become a posture of our people's lifestyle. Pray for us all to be intentional about how to speak up and share the Good News that people need to hear however they can.
  • Pray for the neighbors who came to the Feed My Starving Children packing event. Pray that we will continue to nurture and grow these relationships as well as point our neighbors to Jesus.
  • The COVID-19 crisis to bring opportunities to serve as we've never seen before. Pray that we will love and serve those around us who are the most vulnerable or are experiencing the loss due to this virus.
  • Our Community Impact Ministry and our local partners in each of our communities as they seek to serve and show the love of Jesus in trying circumstances during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Pray for our International Impact partners as people around the world struggle with fear concerning the global pandemic. Pray for believers in every nation to be bold and share the Good News of Jesus liberally as people look for answers.