Welcome to the Week of Prayer

Fall 2017: September 10-16

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SUNDAY - Belonging
Please pray for:

  • Everyone at Christ Community to discover a Community Group where they can really experience what it means to belong to God and other believers.
  • Weekend service attenders to connect and have a sense of belonging in the Zones where they sit.
  • Increased understanding of what it means to belong to Jesus, and to one another, as sons and daughters of the Living God. Pray for reminders that we’re not made to walk alone and that we are in this together.
  • Students to feel a sense of belonging to the church and a desire to worship together with the whole family of faith on the weekends.
    Adults to build meaningful relationships with students all around our church so that students feel connected, supported and loved.
  • The kids who participate in our ministries to commit their lives to Jesus and follow him for the rest of their lives.  
  • Kids to develop a love for God’s church and for that love to grow throughout their lives.
  • Community Group leaders to be blessed in their relationship with God as they depend on the Holy Spirit for wisdom and strength to faithfully lead, love, and shepherd group members.

MONDAY- Growing
Please pray for:

  • People to be formed into passionate worshipers through faithful and frequent participation in our weekend services.
  • Our hearts to be open to the preaching of God's Word so that we would not just be informed, but transformed by it.
  • Individuals, families, and groups to be consistently spending time in God's Word, especially using the Bible Savvy reading plan.
  • Genesis (middle school), Mosaic (high school), college, and adult community groups; that the Holy Spirit would speak through our studies and our leaders.
  • For Holy Spirit directed wisdom for our pre-marriage mentors and marriage counselors
  • People to discover the large variety of programs in place on Tuesday's at Care Night to walk with them through life's toughest times.  
  • Our kids to grow to become more like Jesus in every way.
  • Our EPIC program and journals to serve as a tremendous resource in helping 1st-5th graders learn how to study and apply God’s Word.   

TUESDAY- Serving
Please pray for:

  • Awareness of our God-given abilities and the willingness to use them to serve others, even in ways that surprise and stretch us out of our comfort zones
  • For our upcoming all-church Canning Hunger drive in November. For connections in our neighborhoods and ministry to those in need.
  • Our community impact partners, that they would reach others in need of hope and healing. That our church would be inspired to serve alongside them.
  • Kids in our church to develop hearts of passion and concern so they will be quick to identify and meet the needs of others.  
  • Volunteer needs throughout our ministries from first impressions and creative arts to mentoring roles and behind the scenes opportunities.
  • Student ministry volunteers; that God would help us develop adults that are committed to helping students love Jesus and his church for a lifetime.
  • Students that are using their many gifts to serve around Christ Community Church.
  • The exact right number of students and adults to serve where needed in KidsWorld so that we can accomplish all that God is calling us to do in the lives of kids and families.

Please pray for:

  • Many more kids, students, adults, and families to meet Jesus through our ministries and programs.
  • Our Inspiring Stories Weekend (formerly called Wow Weekend) in November with Rebekah Gregory, Boston Marathon bombing survivor.
  • Pray that thousands of invitations are extended to hear this gripping story of hope and a clear gospel presentation.
  • The people of southern Bangladesh as they recover from flooding that destroyed homes and displaced many.  Pray for relief in the form of food, clean water, and shelter to be provided. Pray that local believers would let their light shine the brightest during this dark time of need.
  • The 800 new churches that New Harvest Global Ministries is seeking to plant this next year in Sierra Leone.  Pray for leaders to lead and for the hearts of the people to be open.  
  • Our GO Teams headed to Czech Republic, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Haiti and West Bengal, India this fall.  Pray for their preparation and fundraising.
  • Pray for effective outreach and ministry to happen bringing many people to Jesus in these countries.
  • KidsWorld to effectively equip kids to share their faith with the people in their lives.
  • God to develop in our students a compassionate heart for the hurting, a passionate heart for those that don't know Jesus, and a courageous heart to share the gospel and love of God. Pray also for student outreach events (Uproar and Half-Niter) to be excellent environments where we see scores of students surrender to Jesus.
  • The dozens of public schools that we will serve through our Hub Ministry; that God would enable us to share both truth and love with them.
  • The Alpha Course beginning at the St. Charles Campus in September. That those seeking understanding of the Christian walk would get connected and experience God’s presence.

THURSDAY - Year of the Volunteer
Please pray for:

  • Every student and adult who considers Christ Community their church home to find a place to consistently serve, so our church will be full of participants, not observers.
  • All of us to serve God obediently in the ministry, with the frequency, and in the specific role that he’s calling us to, so we can most fully be who God created us to be. Pray for everyone to serve from a place of calling and generosity, not comfort or convenience.  
  • Our pastors and staff to have wisdom in finding, training, and equipping volunteers in new roles. Specifically, we pray volunteers will take on additional leadership in our ministries and programs thereby multiplying our reach and impact as a church.  
  • Us collectively as a church, across all ministries and campuses, that our combined efforts during the Year of the Volunteer will lead to significant increases in the numbers of people and depth with which people are being made into passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Overflow, our church-wide study and focus kicking off on the weekend of January 13 & 14. During this four-week period, KidsWorld, Student Ministries, and Community Groups will participate by aligning their study time and personal applications with the weekend teaching. Overflow will serve as the big-splash kick-off of Christ Community’s Year of the Volunteer.

Please pray for:

  • A strong finish to our NEXT Campaign and our year-end gift, HomeStrech. Success in any capital campaign comes down to a strong final push. May God bless our efforts to bring this over-and above giving home while maintaining strong regular giving to support our ongoing ministry.  
  • God to provide the $2 million (approximately) needed to reach our goal.
    Those who are unable to fulfill their NEXT commitment. Pray against discouragement in their lives and for God to provide for their needs. Some have lost jobs and some have lost health.
  • New participants in NEXT. Whether they are new to our church or now moved to participate, pray for new people to be moved to ask, “What will it look like to be all in with everything God has entrusted to my care?”
  • Those who may consider contributing beyond their commitment.
    International and Community Impact partners receiving 10 percent of the NEXT campaign funds to bring hope and healing to our community and around the world.
  • Our new DeKalb Campus building with great thanksgiving. God has been faithful.
  • The construction of a new Student HUB at Blackberry Creek and the ministry that will take place there for years to come.  

SATURDAY- DeKalb Campus
Please pray for:

  • Our first weekend (September 16 & 17) in the new building. We pray for these first few weeks to be a time when our church family can become familiar and accustomed to our new facility and for systems to ironed out before our Grand Opening on October 14 & 15.
  • Members and attenders to be welcoming and alert to those who are new to our church, for guests to quickly feel connected, and for safety in and around the new building.
  • God to raise up new community group leaders, and for those who are seeking a community group to find one in which they feel they belong.
  • Our relationship with DeKalb High School: that God would grant us favor with administrators, teachers, parents and students, and that we would do well to honor and serve them as neighbors.
  • All the students joining Genesis and Mosaic over the next few months, and that they would be welcomed with open arms into an environment of belonging.
  • KidsWorld: volunteers and children to acclimate quickly to the new building, with no fears or tears for the children. For new families to feel welcomed and a strong sense of belonging, and that all check-in and computer systems run smoothly.
  • All volunteers, in every ministry and at every service, to feel prepared and ready to serve.