Welcome to the Week of Prayer

Winter 2018: January 7 - 13

As we prepare to kick off the Year of the Volunteer and the Overflow all-church season of focus, we are setting aside to pray in Community Groups and as individuals.

Our Week of Prayer Guide includes daily "Simply Serve" prayer requests AND a list of requests for Community Group prayer time.

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Please Pray for…

Our Alpha classes, especially for those who visited our church over Christmas to get involved. Pray that Alpha attendees who are exploring the faith would make a commitment to Jesus during the course and pray that new believers taking Alpha would grow deeply in their understanding of Christianity.

The on-boarding of a new Community Impact Director. Pray this person is able to develop more volunteer leaders, cast a vision for reaching our communities, and lead our church into ever-increasing impact.

Our attendees to be people not of fear but of faith. Pray that the mission Jesus has given us, to make disciples of the nations, would also be our own personal mission. Pray for faith-filled steps for yourself and others this year.

Simply Serve Request: Our church to continue (or start) using our gifts to serve within the church and in the community. Pray that through the coming Simply Serve website and personal relationships, we’d find our way to people need.

Please pray for…

Attendees of Care Night, as they battle for and toward genuine repentance of sin, healing from past hurts, marital restoration, and better life choices.

God to continue moving across all four campuses; that our culture of care continues to be attractive to our community, and they find us to be a place to receive the Gospel-care they need.

Simply Serve Request: Pray for Care Night leaders across all four campuses, as they engage in the lives of people striving to grow and heal.  Pray for the Lay Counselors, Pre-Marriage and Marriage Mentors, and Disciplers that are involved in one-on-one helping ministry, serving in the trenches of people’s lives. Pray for the Jail Prison Ministry volunteers & Chaplains, as they share the hope & healing of Jesus with those incarcerated, homeless, and infirmed.

Community Groups
Please pray for…

Community Group Growth and Multiplication: That groups who are growing larger than 12 members would prayerfully plan to multiply. Pray for group members to step into Apprentice Leadership roles and for groups to catch and share vision for outreach and connection so that everyone at Christ Community Church has a place to belong and grow.

Discipleship: That each Community Group participant would experience the power of God as they are increasingly transformed into the image of Jesus Christ with the help of their Community Group. Pray for earnest and impactful times of prayer, authentic friendships, accountability with love, Bible study with life application, heartfelt care, and an activation of the spiritual gifts within the group.

Community Group Leaders: That each group leader might be led by the Holy Spirit and excel in the core practices/expectations of group leadership: 1) Growing spiritually, 2) Leading their group well, 3) Investing in the the next generation of leaders.

DeKalb Campus: As our DeKalb Campus continues to grow into its new facility, we will need many new Community Groups over the next 1-2 years. Pray for groups to multiply and for new Apprentice Leaders to step up

Simply Serve Request: There are many ways to serve in and through Community Groups: Apprentice Leadership, hosting, serving, facilitating, administration, meals, prayer, meeting needs and many more.  Pray that everyone in Community Groups would discover and invest their skills and spiritual gifts directly in their Community Group environment. Pray for Community Group Leaders to see where serving and gifting can be activated for their group's health. Also, pray that many groups, as a group, would serve those in need.

Administration & Building Services
Please pray for…

Safety in our parking lots and our campuses. Pray for God’s continued protection on our campuses.

For gently used vehicles we can use to bless those needing transportation.

Simply Serve Request: Pray for each campus’ traffic and safety team to grow and for new volunteers to assist with the care of our buildings and properties. Pray for volunteers with a gift of hospitality who are willing to serve in Events, Front Office, Resource, or Cup O'Joy. Welcoming guests and callers is a privilege and we are always looking for more people to serve alongside us.

Community Group Prayer Points

Hearts: Pray for each individual participating in all three levels
of Overflow (weekend services, group study and personal
applications), that God would speak words of comfort and
courage into our hearts, and hearts would be open to God’s
transformative power.

Weekend Services: Pray that we all might hear God’s voice in the
teaching, song, communion, fellowship and in other expressions
of our community devotion.

Community Group Meetings: Ask that God might enliven your
discussion, make his Word especially relevant, empower your
prayer time and increase group engagement and ownership.

Personal Applications: Each week of the series will have one
specific personal application and three optional applications.
Pray that these would bring Overflow to a personal and “between
the meeting” level for each participant.

Community Group Invites: If your group typically welcomes
newcomers or if you are opening for this season of the new year,
pray for individuals and invites to explore group life through your
Community Group.

Group Specific Prayer: What else would your group like to pray
about for the upcoming four weeks? Discuss and engage in prayer