Welcome to the Week of Prayer

April 28 - May 4
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Three times a year, we set aside a week to pray for our ministries, community, and nation. Join us as we pray April 28 - May 4.

Pray As a Group

We encourage your Community Group to participate by dedicating a portion or all of your meeting time that week to prayer. Here are some ways you can incorporate the Week of Prayer into your group:

  • Pray over each of the prayer points listed for the day your group meets.
  • Have each person in your group select a prayer point for a ministry in which they serve and take turns praying.
  • Encourage your group members to pray each day of the week based on the prayer guide schedule.
  • Divide up the ministries listed among your group members, and pray in pairs or groups over each prayer point on the list for that ministry.
  • Dedicate your whole meeting to prayer and pray through the entire guide as a group.
What should you pray for?

We put together a prayer guide for each day this week. This week, we are especially praying for our volunteers in each ministry. Download and print the full guide or see the daily prayer points below.


Sunday: Belonging

Please pray for…

Ushers and Greeter teams, that our church would be known as a welcoming place for people exploring a relationship with Christ.

Zone leaders, that they would cultivate a sense of belonging at our weekend services through encouragement and prayer.

All of us to have a growing heart for intentionally welcoming, getting to know, and caring for those in our Zones, Community Groups, serving teams, etc.

People who have picked up Next Steps packets in the last few months. Pray they would walk with Jesus and grow in their faith.

People who are considering membership at Christ Community. Pray they would take a Begin to Belong class this summer.

Our Community Groups to sense true and Spirit-led community, formed around shared lives, answered prayers, laughter, and consistent meeting habits.

Our kids and students to steadfastly follow Jesus with a love for God’s church that will grow throughout their lives.  

Monday: Growing

Please pray for…

Our adult and student community groups to pursue growth in all four marks of a disciple (Belonging, Growing, Serving, and Reaching).

Care Night to be a place of strengthening and healing.

People to grow as passionate worshipers as they participate in regular weekend services

Generosity to grow within each person in our church, that people would flourish in stewarding their resources through classes like Financial Peace University.

Our kids and students to have a love for studying Scripture that results in them becoming more like Jesus. Pray for our EPIC and Bible Savvy Journals to be helpful resources in facilitating that process.  

Both those who have completed Alpha and those currently in this course to surrender to Jesus. Pray for all of us to be inviting unbelieving friends to Alpha. Ask God to rise up more Alpha table discussion leaders.

Tuesday: Serving

Please pray for…

The ministry area where you are currently serving,

People to serve where they are gifted and passionate. Pray for all the opportunities to serve at Christ Community Church and in the surrounding community

The Love Your Neighbor initiative this Spring. Pray that many Community Groups will serve in Jesus’ name and love their neighbor as themselves.

Kids and students to develop hearts of concern and service so they will think of others ahead of themselves, quickly identifying and meeting needs.   

More volunteers in Next Generation weekly ministries and summer programs so that we can accomplish all that God is calling us to do in the lives of the next generation.

The Outreach Center at the DeKalb Campus to reach the needs of the community.

Wednesday: Reaching

Please pray for…

Each of us to be willing to go to the nations by joining a GO Team and bringing the Good News of Jesus to those who have not yet heard.

Pray for faith to take that step and for the Holy Spirit to empower us to be bold witnesses to what Jesus has done in our lives.

People to invite loved ones to our upcoming Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Inspiring Stories weekends. Pray for lots of guests and explorers to be present and for their hearts to be open to the gospel.

That each of us would be inspired to begin gospel conversations and proclaim the love of Christ with others.

Kids and students to come to know Christ throughout our school year and our Next Generation summer ministries and programs. Pray that we would effectively equip kids and students to share their faith with spiritually lost people.

All of our reaching events and ministry efforts such as campus summer outreaches and relationship building with Nepali/Bhutanese refugees in West Aurora.

Our search for a 5th campus location. Pray for wisdom as we seek to establish another campus that will reach more people with the Good News of Jesus.

Thursday: National Day of Prayer

Please pray for…

Today’s National Day of Prayer to be a time when light is shown in the darkness. Pray that Christians in our country model and exemplify Jesus’ words, “Love one another.”

People across the U.S. to turn to Christ and spark the next great spiritual awakening.

Government leaders and civil servants to work together with respect and wisdom to seek justice and peace in our nation and our world.

Business leaders to use their influence to create productive organizations that help their employees, clients, and communities flourish.

Love and justice between people of different ethnicities and cultures in America.

The protection of unborn children and for mothers in crisis to be supported and choose life.

Friday: Neighbors

Please pray for…

Your neighbors to know the life-saving power of Jesus.  Pray that we would be good witnesses to the people who live closest to us.

The local restaurants, coffee shops, and businesses that you frequent.

Pray for open doors to build relationships that will lead to spiritual conversations and sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Groups, organizations, and clubs that you associate with. Pray that you will be spiritually ready to share your story and intentional in inviting people to Inspiring Stories weekend in June.

Your work colleagues and school friends. Pray that you will strive to bring honor and glory to Christ through your work and school relationships.

Opportunities as the weather gets warmer to reach out to those around us through prayer for our neighbors, meeting our neighbors, hosting our neighbors in our homes, and having spiritual conversations.

Saturday: Finances & Generosity

Please pray for…

Our fiscal year to end strong and on budget.

Church staff to be good stewards with the resources that we have been given.  

Communities in Sierra Leone to flourish as a result of the wells provided by our year-end gift.

For all of us to see needs around us and be generous and creative in tangibly meeting those needs.

Non-givers to begin giving and non-tithers to begin trusting God with a tithe, and all to experience the joy of giving.