Welcome to the Week of Prayer

Three times a year, we set aside a week to pray for our ministries, community, and nation. Now is the time for prayer together.

On Sunday night, January 24 at 6pm, all five campuses of Christ Community will gather at the St. Charles Campus for a night of music to end the Week of Prayer. Registration will be required to attend in person. We'll also be live streaming on our website at ccclife.org/live.

Thursday - Next Generation

Please pray for...
Kids, students, and parents to look to God’s Word as their primary, daily source of encouragement and wisdom in navigating the pressures of life. 

The students, parents, teachers, and school faculty that are navigating the challenges of remote learning and online school. Pray for understanding, love, and grace to be shown from each group to the other. 

The mental and emotional well being of our kids and youth. Pray for the peace of God to surpass all understanding and to guard the hearts and minds of what is statistically the most anxious, stressed, depressed generation in history. 

The physical health and protection of our families, volunteers, and staff as we gather together. Pray we will have enough volunteers to serve in all areas of our ministry despite current risks. 

Kids and students to remain connected. Pray for our efforts to re-engage those that have fallen out of touch. Pray against anyone feeling alone or isolated.  

Wisdom and creativity as we plan ways to reach kids and students that do not know Jesus. Many of our tried and true methods are not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Friday - Adult Ministries

Please pray for...

Perseverance. That Community Group leaders would be able to continue to keep connection through this difficult season.  We need each other.

New believers as we launch new opportunities in 2021 for new believers to build a strong foundation in the faith.

Discipleship. Use John 17:6-19 and reword the phrases to pray for all of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Unity. Use John 17:20-26 and reword the phrases to pray for Christ Community as a whole and other local churches.

Saturday - Outreach

Please pray for...

More baptisms signifying people's lives being transformed by the Gospel, and for those who witness these baptisms to be inspired to surrender to Jesus as well. 

Evangelism training to increase our zeal and intentionality and for Alpha to get into relationships and neighborhoods.  

Members and attendees to open their homes to mothers who have chosen life for their child. 

Community Groups to get involved in reaching and serving their neighborhoods and communities. 

Our hearts to not grow cold for reaching the nations during these times where travel is difficult.  Pray that we’d stay engaged in praying, giving, and when possible, going.

The impact of our 2020 year-end gift, which will fund the recording of the Bible into at least 22 languages where people do not have access to God's Word in their heart language.