Week of Prayer

APRIL 30 - MAY 6
Welcome to the Week of Prayer. 

Each day, specific prayer points will guide our personal and corporate prayer along a certain theme. Those prayer points will be available on this page (see below), on our One-Church Facebook Page, and as daily alerts on your smart phone if you have the CCCLife mobile app.

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Community Group Participation: This Spring our Week of Prayer will also include participation by each Community Group. If you are interested in praying with one of our Community Groups during the Week of Prayer click on the button below. 

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Sunday | Theme: The Impact of NEXT
Please pray for...
• Continued progress. We are 65 percent into our two-year NEXT campaign, and we have received over $7.6 million toward our $11 million goal. That is 70 percent of our $11 million goal. Praise God!
• Additional commitments to be prompted in the hearts of our church family to reach our goal by December 31 as the last 30 percent is typically the hardest to raise.
• The safe and on-time completion of our new DeKalb Campus building.
• The renovation projects at our Blackberry Campus.
• The impact of NEXT funds on our International and Community Impact partners and ministries.

Monday | Theme: Kids and Students
Please pray for...
• All transitions. Pray that incoming 6th & 9th graders will feel welcome in their new middle school & high school environments
and that we are successful at staying connected with graduates over the summer and as they transition to college.
• Summer Camps and programs. Camps include over 1,500 kids and students, nearly 300 volunteers, and close to 4 dozen
summer staff. Pray for safe, fun, and memorable weeks with all participants growing closer to Jesus and to one another. Pray
for spiritually lost kids and students to commit their lives to Christ.
• Volunteers. Pray that we are successful at recruiting the nearly 300 volunteers required for summer camps. Pray
that God builds strong teams of volunteers over the summer that will be willing to disciple and care for kids and students
throughout the school year in all our environments: KidsWorld weekend services, EPIC, Genesis, HouseGroup, and Crave.
• Summer GO Teams. Pray for the Reach team serving in Russell, KY and student GO Teams in Brazil and Czech.
• A love of God’s Word. Pray for kids, students, and parents to fall in love with God’s Word and faithfully spend time
with him utilizing the EPIC and Bible Savvy Journals. Pray that we are transformed by God’s spirit through studying
Scripture to be made more like Jesus.

Tuesday | Theme: The Discipleship of our Church
Please pray for...
• 100+ Community Groups as they choose to serve and take advantage of the “Love Your Neighbor/Super 2nd Saturday”
serving initiative in June. Pray that God’s love would be shared by Community Groups through acts of service to those in
need outside of our church family, and that the gospel of Jesus would be made credible (to others and to ourselves) by the
good deeds done in his name.
• Community Groups who are growing larger than 12 members to prayerfully plan to multiply in the coming months.
Pray for group members to step into Apprentice Leadership roles and for groups to catch and share vision for outreach and
connection so that everyone at Christ Community Church has a place to belong and grow.
• Each Community Group participant to experience the power of God as they are increasingly transformed into the
image of Jesus Christ with the help of their Community Group. Pray for earnest and impactful times of prayer, authentic
friendships, accountability with love, Bible study with life application, heartfelt care, and an activation of the spiritual gifts
within the group.
• Our Zones ministry in the weekend services. That we would fill all of our Zone Leader spots and that people both new and
old would experience the sense of belonging and connectedness at Christ Community Church.

Wednesday | Theme: The Outreach of our Church
Please pray for...
• Our WOW Weekend (June 24 & 25) with former KGB spy, Jack Barsky. Pray that many people would accept invitations
and that the presentation of God’s good news would be clear.
• Our Kids Hope ministry as we connect mentors with scores of elementary children in our community who need special
attention. For more mentors to step forward and impact a child’s life.
• Our Sports Ministries as we invite friends from the community to participate and share Christ’s love and good news.
• The effectiveness of our Community Impact ministries such as 2nd Saturday. That our church would be moved to “simply
serve” in our community and with our local Community Impact partners.
• The impact of Riverwoods Summer Camp on the lives of kids from under-resourced neighborhoods.
• GO Teams: Pray for your own heart and willingness to go and serve across the oceans. Pray for others to take the step
of faith and respond to the call of making disciples of the nations.
• Haiti: Pray for the new churches in northeastern Haiti through our partnership with Open Door Haiti. Pray for faithful leaders
to shepherd their people well and for communities to turn to Christ and away from Voodoo.
• The Alpha Course, as people explore Christianity. That many will attend, find answers, and ultimately a relationship with Christ.

Thursday | Our Nation (National Day of Prayer)
Please pray for...
• Government: Pray for our leaders, as well as the judges in our courts. Ask God to grant them wisdom to act with integrity. 1 Timothy 2:1-2
• Military and law enforcement: Pray for divine protection and guidance for our armed forces and law enforcement officers. Ask
God to intercede for chaplains and loved ones at home. 2 Chronicles 32:6-8
• Media: Pray for truth and morality to be presented. Philippians 4:8
• Business: Pray that God will raise up his ambassadors in the workplace. For the people of Christ Community Church leading
in the workplace. Matthew 5:14-16
• Education: For safety, morally sound instruction, and wholesome environments. Pray for our teachers. Deuteronomy 11:18-19
• Church: For unity and boldness in proclaiming God’s word. Matthew 16:18-19
• Family: That families will follow godly principles. Joshua 24:15

Friday | Theme: Our Regional Campuses
Please pray for...

• Continued safety of construction staff and volunteers as we move into final stages of preparing our new DeKalb
Campus facility.
• Those whom God is already bringing to our church as well as hundreds who will visit us when we open the doors this
Fall. That God will be preparing their hearts to receive the good news of Jesus Christ!

Blackberry Creek
• Phase two of our NEXT building projects. Pray that we forecast this structure with a vision that comes from God so
that this building will be relevant to our needs now and in years to come.
• Our ability to reach our community. As the diversity of our neighborhoods grow, pray that God will grow our ability
to effectively relate with and reach people of all different ethnicities, ages, and walks of life.

• The continued success of the adoption process and transition. Pray that we would continue to build community and
grow together as one church.
• Our Hispanic Service. Pray for continued growth and successful ministry as they recently celebrated their second anniversary.

Saturday | Theme: Our leadership and staff
Please pray for...
• Our senior leader, Pastor Jim, as he charts vision, leads the congregation, and seeks God for direction.
• Pastors Jim and Clayton as they determine message series and clearly proclaim God’s Word.
• Pastor Eric Rojas and his family as he moves to Nashville and for us as we seek his replacement.
• Our elders and trustees. Join us in thanking God for the amazing people he has brought into leadership and particularly for the newly
appointed elders and trustees.
• All staff and leadership, for purity and protection. For their marriages and families.