Bible Reading Resources

We love God's Word. We provide several resources to help you and your family dig into the Bible and apply it to your life.

Bible Savvy journal & Reading Schedule

Our four-year Bible Savvy reading plan is available in three ways:

1) Three times a year, we produce two high-quality print journals: the EPIC Journal for 1st-5th graders and the Bible Savvy Journal for middle school students through adults. These journals, which guide readers through our four-year Bible reading plan and encourage the C.O.M.A. method of Bible study are available at the bookstore of all our campuses. 

2)  A free version of the Bible Savvy Journal is available on the CCCLife mobile app

3) Each day, we produce a daily email with that day's Bible reading. Sign up here:


other Resources 

NIV Study Bible

Bible Savvy Context Page - This supplement webpage to the Bible Savvy Reading Plan features the NIV Study Bible introduction and videos explaining the context for books of the Bible thus far covered in the Bible Savvy reading plan.

Bible Savvy by James L. Nicodem -  This four-book series provides brief but comprehensive overview of the Bible for everyone from first-time readers to Bible study leaders. It is available at the bookstore at all of our campuses. 

"Priority One" Weekend Message - The #1 catalyst behind personal spiritual growth is daily reading and reflecting on the Bible. So the most important thing you can do (if you want to grow spiritually) is to pick up a Bible each day and read it. In this sermon, Pastor Jim shared six great reasons for reading the Bible daily.