Christ Community Church values your spiritual and mental well-being, and therefore, desires for it to be as healthy as possible. But life is not always easy and can often involve heartache, communication breakdown, and conflict with others. Our desire is to encourage and assist you through these tough areas of life. We can do this by partnering with you through pastoral counseling or a counselor referral off of our extensive counselor referral list.

To find out more or schedule an appointment, call 630-485-3420 or email .

Lay Counseling Training

The lay counselor, mentoring, and discipleship training is designed to equip Christ-followers to better serve and guide others. You will be taught and given the opportunity to practice essential lay counseling and mentoring skills, grow in specific knowledge and use of the Bible for healing and change, and grow in your ability to serve across all of Christ Community Church.

Over the course of 8 once-a-month trainings, you will receive specialized knowledge and application on matters pertaining to hurting marriages, parenting, addressing fear, worry, and anxiety, addressing guilt and shame biblically, recognizing spiritual warfare, among many other life concerns.

This training is for YOU, not just a specialist. While it will qualify you to be a lay counselor, mentor, or discipler here at Christ Community, this equipping is for everyone. If you want to be better prepared to serve and engage others as you serve in KidsWorld, Student Ministries, or our community, this is for you as well! Our desire for you is that you leave this time more equipped in your knowledge, understanding, and application of God’s Word for real life, regardless of where God prompts you to serve.

Our comprehensive Lay Counseling, Discipler, and Mentoring Training is now underway. If you are interested in joining, please contact Pastor Stephen Ganschow at prior to February 16th, as the training will then be closed to new registrants until 2019.