Admission is free! Registration is required.



What if we refreshed our understanding of our mission? Became reconnected to one another? Rethought what it means to be part of a church?

On September 11, everyone who calls Christ Community home will gather to seek the Lord in one combined service at Kuipers Family Farm in Maple Park.

Gates Open; Activities & Food Vendors Open

One Church Worship Service

Noon - 5pm
All Activities, Corn Maze, Pig Races & Food Vendors Open

Worship & Prayer Event

Gates Close


What is the purpose of the event?

This might sound odd since we do so much outreach here at Christ Community, but ReGathering 2022 is not an outreach event. It’s a rally for all of us who call Christ Community Church our church home. It’s time to refresh, reimagine, re-engage, revive, reconnect…ReGathering 2022.

Is there a cost?

Admission to the event is free. This includes all of the activities available at Kuipers Family Farm at no charge. Registration is required because there is a maximum number of people that can be safely accommodated at the event location. Additionally, this is a private event; not open to the public.

Will there be Kidsworld at the event?

No. There will be no nursery, Kidsworld, or middle school Remix services at this event.

Will the event be livestreamed?

No, there will be no livestream. The goal of the event is for all of us to gather in one place at one time. The sermon will be posted online on September 12 as normal for those who cannot attend the event.

Will registrations actually be checked?

Yes. Admission will require verification of registration for the event. There will be no exceptions to this. All attendees should bring their digital or printed tickets. Registration will be checked because this is a private event; not open to the public.

What if I show up without my proof of registration?

Admission will not be granted to the event without a digital or printed ticket. There will be a place to register on-site for those who have not yet done so. However, this is not ideal as it will take extra time AND once the event maximum has been reached, no more registrations will be allowed.

Will there be food for sale?

Yes! There will be food vendors at the event all day. When you register, you will also receive a link to pre-order Kuipers donuts so that breakfast is waiting for you when you arrive. You are welcome to bring your own food into the event.

Why Kuipers Family Farm?

A few reasons. It is centrally located to four of our five campuses. Those of us who worship at the Streamwood Campus have to drive the furthest. Sorry about that, Streamwood folks! There is a lot to do for people of all ages, including the specially designed Christ Community Church corn maze! And finally, the farm is well equipped to handle the thousands of us who will be in attendance.

Where will the service be held?

At the farm…in a huge field. Think music festival. There will be a big stage, large screens, and a lot of people! You’ll want to bring blankets and/or chairs to set up in the field for seating. The grass will be nice and soft, but seating is not provided. This event is BYOC (bring your own chair).

Is there handicapped parking or accommodations for wheelchairs?

There are handicapped parking spaces. Regardless of where one parks, there will be several courtesy shuttles running from/to the parking lots all day during the event. There are some walking paths on the farm that accommodate wheelchairs/walkers. Guests may find that some areas on the farm are more difficult to navigate, but overall everyone should be able to attend and enjoy the event.

Is there a rain plan?

Yes…pray for no rain! Seriously…the plan in place only applies if severe weather comes through in the morning, but looks like it will clear out in the afternoon. In that case, the schedule for the day will shift to 12pm (gates open), 2 pm (worship service), 5pm (gates close). Otherwise, this is an outdoor event and we will make the best of it should we have less-than-ideal weather.

How do I register for ReGathering 2022?

Click below!

Will Spanish translation be provided?

Sorry, we will not be able to provide Spanish translation for the worship service at ReGathering 2022. However, the Connections Tent will have bilingual staff all day.


Get there early. The worship service starts at 10:30am. Don’t try to show up a few minutes before 10:30am. It’s a walk from the parking lots to the event field. There will be thousands in attendance, so traffic might slow you down. Gates open at 8:30am, so we suggest showing up in plenty of time to set up your seating spot for service, grab some food and enjoy some activities prior to the service.

Don’t forget your blankets/chairs. Leave your blankets/chairs set up in the field all day. That way you have a place for your group, and you’ll be ready for the prayer/worship service that happens at 2p!

Enjoy the food vendors …or remember that you are more than welcome to bring in your own food and drink. You can also leave your food/drink in your car and go grab it at lunch time. Re-admission to the farm is allowed.

Spread the word! Make sure everyone you know who is connected to CCC knows about this event and has their tickets!