Brazil has the largest economy in South America and the landmass equivalent to the continental US. The Amazon region is larger than the state of Texas and still contains unreached people groups. Because of the dense rainforest traversing this region is difficult and limited boat and air travel. Although Catholicism is commonplace, many villages do not have an established group of born-again believers.

Igreja Presbiteriana de Manaus (IPM), Pastor Djard Moraes

Igreja Presbiteriana de Manaus (English translation= First Presbyterian Church of Manaus) is a group of churches totaling about 6,000 members located in the Amazon region of Brazil. Through ongoing outreach to small river villages utilizing medical, children’s ministry, sports ministry, and other forms of evangelism, many churches have been planted. Pastor Djard Cadais deMoraes is one of the staff mission pastors who oversees the river ministry. The goal is to continue to plant hundreds of churches transforming individual lives and communities through the power of Christ.


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