What is a GO Team?

GO Teams are small groups of volunteers from Christ Community Church that travel to a destination and work along-side a partner ministry to ultimately make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Who and how many make up a GO Team?

Anybody that attends Christ Community Church, is middle-school age (accompanied by a parent) or older, and has an approved GO Team application can get involved. Team size ranges from 8-20 team members with 12 being the average. 

Where do GO Teams GO?  what do GO Teams do?

International GO Teams go to our partner countries of Bangladesh, Brazil, Czech Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sierra Leone.  Domestic GO Teams serve with Samaritan’s Purse in disaster relief efforts as well as light construction trips to Appalachia. 

What do GO Teams do?

GO Teams utilize the skills and talents of the team members to meet specific needs that our partner ministries ask of us in their efforts to bring people into a relationship with Jesus and grow in their faith.  Trip activities are specific to each trip and may include: evangelism, children’s ministry, sports, construction, medical care, clean water projects, summer camp ministry, music and the arts, training conferences, vocational training, and disaster clean-up.

How do GO Team members pay for their trip?

We highly encourage GO Team members to raise the necessary funds for their trip by inviting others to get involved through giving financially.  Training, coaching, and encouraging is provided by the team leader as soon as each team member’s application is approved. 

How do GO Teams prepare for the trip?

Training is very important to us!  International GO Teams have five team meetings prior to departure and one post trip.  Domestic GO Teams have three team meetings prior and one post trip. The mandatory team meetings begin three months prior to the trip, are approximately two hours in length, are led by the experienced team leader, and follow a detailed curriculum. 

Do I Need a Passport?

Before applying for an International GO Team you must have a valid passport (it should not expire within 6 months of the return date of your trip).

We will accept a digital picture/screen shot of your completed application from your local USPS/online as confirmation you have applied. You may send the image to     You can apply online or by visiting your local post office. 

Can students participate in GO Teams?

That depends on the trip. Depending on their age, some trips are open to students on their own, some if their parents are also going, and some do not allow for students. Please email or check with the team leader of the specific trip you are interested in.

Do I Need a Background Check?

ALL GO Team members are required to have a recent background check on file with Christ Community Church. If you haven’t had a background check completed within the past five years, you will receive an authorization request within a few days after submitting your application. Upon completion of the background check, we will be able to process your application. We look forward to welcoming you to your GO Team!

Is there a Certain Software Used for GO Teams?

Yes. To apply, you will be redirected to Managed Missions, our online software. If you have applied on Managed Missions before and don't remember your password, please reset it so that you can take advantage of your information that has been saved since your last GO Team.  You will also be required to make a $100 payment at the time of application.