Although Czech Republic has a rich Christian history, years of communist rule have led to this country being the most atheistic in the world. Most historic churches are now museums and the few churches that remain are small and often struggling with Evangelical believers making up a very small portion of the population.

Josiah Venture (JV), Dave Patty

Josiah Venture (JV) is a large multi-national ministry with its base in the Czech Republic. JV is led by Dave Patty, an American with a long history of ministry within Europe. We partner with the Czech Republic branch of JV called KAM. JV’s mission is to foster “a movement of God among the youth of Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society.” This ministry is large in scope and far-reaching in its vision. Evangelism in the form of small groups, English camps, and music clubs are the mainstays of the ministry.

Cirkev Bratrska Frydlant (CB, Frydlant)

Cirkev Bratrska Frydland was founded as a house church in 2005 with 5 families and has continued to reach out to the region through initiatives like English camps, programs focusing on the arts, school programs, and personal relationships in the area. The vision of the church is to plant churches throughout the Bskydy Region so the valley may be filled with the glory of the Lord. Christ Community Church has joined CB Frydlant in ministry through Youth English Camps and Worship Conferences. Our prayers are to continuously expand the influence of the Gospel through partnering in evangelism, discipleship, church planting, training, and other initiatives.


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