KidsWorld On Campus

We look forward to having you back on campus! Our goal in KidsWorld is to regather in a way that exceeds CDC and state health standards while keeping the fun environment that your kids expect when coming to our programs.

All children must be registered for space ahead of services to attend KidsWorld at all of our campuses. Registration opens on Mondays at 10am and closes at midnight on Thursday evening for the coming weekend. Please read our Participation Agreement prior to registering. 


Check out a quick video from your campus pastor on what you can expect when we regather on campus. If you will be visiting us for the first-time, click here for more information!

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St. Charles Families

If registration is full, you may add your child's name to our waitlist and we will get back to you if space becomes available. Read our Registration Success Tips to make registering and easy "to do"!

Health & Safety Measures

Because we are a church whose mission is to create passionate disciples of Jesus Christ, we’re going the extra mile to consider others before ourselves with things such as:

  • Extra sanitizing measures and weekly cleaning of all supplies, toys, etc.
  • Hand sanitizer stations located throughout the facility
  • Health screenings at check-in (kids and volunteers). See our updated Well Child Policy.
  • Individually packaged supplies for each child
  • Limited access to KidsWorld (1 adult per family)
  • Limited class sizes to allow for socially distanced spaces
  • Limited entrances and exits
  • Masks worn by everyone in KidsWorld 2+ years old
  • Open doors that do not need to be touched
  • Personal items in KidsWorld limited to nursery essentials and Bibles
  • Pre-printed name tags
  • Regular hand-sanitizing/hand washing
  • Fun signs to promote social distance and healthy habits
  • Volunteers trained on new protocols and ways to help your child thrive
  • Church-wide plan on how to notify people should someone test positive.

While we are making our best effort to create low-contact, highly sanitized environments where your child will be safe, we cannot guarantee that they will not come into contact with each other or get sick. For resources on how you can help your child during the pandemic, click here.

Additional Nursery Measures

  • Volunteers will wear clean protective scrub jackets and disposable shoe covers and masks supplied by KidsWorld each time they serve.
  • Volunteers will limit themselves to physically touching 1-2 children as much as possible.
  • Volunteers will wear gloves when diapering and feeding.
  • Volunteers will wash their hands or hand-sanitize before entering the room; before/after diapering and feeding; after wiping a nose or other fluid; after handling used toys.
  • Volunteers will remove any toys or other items that are used by one child to be sanitized.
  • Each family will be supplied with one clean ziplock bag at check-in to place nursery essentials into (supplied by KidsWorld); diaper bags should stay with adults.

Additional Preschool Measures

  • Providing individually packaged supplies
  • Taking hand-sanitizing breaks
  • Washing hands after bathroom breaks
  • Sitting 6 feet apart during programming and snack
  • Dropping off/picking-up at the door
  • Wearing masks

Special Needs

We want to partner with families to help support children with special needs. We do not offer any specialized or separate programming, but utilize a buddy system to help children integrate into our programs. See our Special Needs Policy here. 

Medical Needs

If your child brings medicine/medical equipment (for example, an Epi-Pen) or would need medical assistance in an emergency because of an ongoing health concern, please fill out the Medical Needs Request Form here


The well being of your kids is a high priority in KidsWorld. Everyone involved with children has gone through an extensive application process, including personal reference checks and a criminal background check. We strictly enforce a policy that never allows any adult or student helper to be alone with a child. We also have plans and procedures in place in the event of severe weather, building evacuation, lockdown or a missing child. See our Child Protection Policy here.

What if Someone Tests Positive?

Confirmed cases should be reported to

  • If there is a positive case reported on campus, a general email will be sent to everyone registered for that service (including KidsWorld children and volunteers) that there was a confirmed case on campus. Because we will not be able to pinpoint who may have had close contact with that person, we will not require anyone to quarantine.