We look forward to meeting your family! We are excited about the opportunity to support and partner with you in encouraging your child’s spiritual growth and development. The following will help you know what to expect when you visit. See our service times and locations here.


When you arrive, please visit us at KidsWorld Central, where we will register your family and assign your kids to their classes. We will show you where your children’s classrooms are and answer any questions you have.

Check In

We use a secure drop-off and pick-up system where every family receives nametags and a pick-up tag with matching numbers each week. The pick-up tag number will be used to match you with your child at pick-up and will be used to page you in the auditorium if needed. If you misplace your tag, you can get a duplicate at KidsWorld Central with a driver’s license or other ID. Each week, you will check-in at a computer station to get your child’s tags for that service.


Our volunteers are here to partner with you while providing a safe and loving environment for infants to 3-year-olds. We demonstrate God’s love through hugs, smiles, and laughter, engaging with your child so their experience is unforgettable.

Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood classes for 3-year-olds through Kindergartners dig into the Bible by engaging in activity stations, creative teaching and worship, connection times with a small group leader, and even a special blessing time! Each week teaches a key spiritual truth and lays the spiritual foundation a young child needs to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


We are intentional about creating space for kids to encounter the living God and listen to the Holy Spirit, while giving them a strong foundation in biblical knowledge and a sense of belonging. Your kids will experience an upbeat large group environment with worship and teaching, followed by time and space for prayer and response to the lesson. After large group they will head to small groups with consistent leaders to discuss the lesson and participate in activities further encouraging them to apply truths about God to their lives.

Health & Safety

The well being of your kids is a high priority in KidsWorld. Everyone involved with children has gone through an extensive application process, including personal reference checks and a criminal background check. We strictly enforce a policy that never allows any adult or student helper to be alone with a child. We also have plans and procedures in place in the event of severe weather, building evacuation, lockdown or a missing child.

  • See our Child Protection Policy here
  • Read our Sick Child Policy here

Special Needs

We want to partner with families to help support children with special needs. We do not offer any specialized or separate programming, but utilize a buddy system to help children integrate into our programs. See our Special Needs Policy.

Medical Needs

If your child brings medicine/medical equipment (for example, an Epi-Pen) or would need medical assistance in an emergency because of an ongoing health concern, please fill out the Medical Needs Request Form here.