Giving is an act of worship. When we give, we acknowledge God is the owner of everything, we express gratitude, and we trust in his provision. We want to see a large percentage of people become generous toward the nations while funding our partners well.


In addition to giving a portion of all regular ministry funds to international partners, Christ Community also gives special gifts toward specific international projects. Skim below to see just a sample of these gifts:

Year: 2023
Project: Training Tomorrow’s Leaders
Theme: Leadership development
Total Given: $642,482
International Beneficiaries: All Partners


Year: 2022
Project: Working Faith
Theme: Support Micro Enterprise and nursing school dorm
Total Given Internationally: $937,508
Beneficiaries: Bangladesh; Nicaragua; Sierra Leone


Year:  2022
Project:  JV Restore
Theme:  Support for churches in Ukraine
Total Given Internationally: $97,000
International Beneficiaries: Czech (Josiah Venture)


Year: 2021
Project: Corona Care Fund
Theme: Aiding urgent needs
Total Given Internationally: $82,500
International Beneficiaries: Bangladesh (CSS – $50K | House Churches – $32.5K)


Year: 2021
Project: Haiti Aid Fund
Theme: Hurricane Relief
Total Given Internationally: $68,000
International Beneficiaries: Haiti


Year: 2021
Project: Homes for the Holidays
Theme: Post-Covid support for pastors, aid for Afghan refugee resettlement, and child sponosrships
Total Given Internationally:  $992,000
International Beneficiaries: Bangladesh House Church Planters


Year: 2020
Project: Bibles Everywhere
Theme: Funding for Faith Comes by Hearing – recording the Bible in new languages
Total Given:  $869,000 to Faith Comes By Hearing
International Beneficiaries: Sierra Leone; Brazil; Bangladesh/India


Year: 2019
Project: Neighbors in Need
Theme: Feed My Starving Children meals
Total Given: $241,000 to Feed My Starving Children
International Beneficiaries: Meals distributed internationally


Year: 2018
Project: Living Water
Theme: Water Sierra Leone
Total Given:  $754,000 to Living Water Int
International Beneficiaries: Sierra Leone