At Christ Community Church, we offer a variety of classes to help you grow in your faith as you take your next step in your discipleship journey. See the list below for descriptions and dates of our upcoming classes.

Intro to the Bible

Are you new to Bible reading and/or intimidated by the Bible? These five sessions will give you what you need to be a bible-reading pro. Join Pastor Lindsey Jodts for Intro to the Bible to learn: How did we get the Bible? Why is it arranged the way it is? How does it all fit together? Gain confidence and build a strong foundation as you learn the Bible’s storyline from Genesis to Revelation. Click here for full details or to register.

Our next Intro to the Bible Class is scheduled to begin September 13. 

How to Study the Bible

This five-week class provides the necessary tools for studying and correctly handling the Word of God. Participants will learn helpful interpretive guidelines and various methods of studying the Bible, how to maximize all of the tools that already exist in a good Study Bible, and become familiar with other resources that assist lifelong learners in understanding and applying the Bible to their everyday lives. This class also includes a session on developing your prayer life as you explore ways to combine prayer and bible study. Click here for full details or to register.

Our next How to Study the Bible class is scheduled to begin October 25. Stay tuned for details and registration!

Faith AT Work Class

Whether you are white collar, blue collar, a student, or stay at home parent the majority of us spend more than half our waking hours doing some type of work. The question is: Does God have a purpose for that work, or does he only care about what we do for a couple of hours on Sunday? The Faith at Work class will answer this question and more. This class is five weeks and lead by Pastor Steve Boyd.

Our next Faith at Work Class is scheduled for January 2022. Stay tuned for dates, registration, and details. 

Bible Savvy Workshops

Each month, Christ Community hosts a workshop on a book of the bible based on the Bible Savvy reading schedule. These workshops feature a Christ Community teaching pastor or special guest, who will give you skills and insights to help you better understand, enjoy, and apply the bible to your life. Click here for upcoming class dates and topics or to register.