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The first step to making change in your community is recognizing there is a change which needs to be made. It can be easy to fall into the same routine, day in and day out. Through awareness and education, we bring hope is to key Impact Areas, areas focused on meeting the unmet needs, physically or spiritually, of a specific demographic within your community. 

Each month, you will be introduced to different partners within your community and learn about their heart for mission. You will also hear about who they serve, how you can pray for them, and even opportunities to serve!

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Regaining Control of Life with Master's Touch

Posted by Rachel Westman on

What if life is out of control?  What do you do when you're struggling with addiction? Homelessness? Depression?  "I was living on my terms and not thinking of others."  This is what Mike said when he shared his story of recovery.  He is an example of healing at Master's...

Recognizing a Seemingly Invisible Problem

Posted by Rachel Westman on

Recognizing a Seemingly Invisible Problem Do you know about the darkness happening in your own community? In our egocentric society, it is so easy to focus on ourselves and what's happening in our own bubble of our family, friends, jobs, vacations, and our own contentment.  How then, are...

Naomi's House- Equipping to Heal

Posted by Rachel Westman on

Recap on Human Trafficking 101 Last week we introduced you to Human Trafficking 101, where we talked about what human trafficking is, how big the problem is, why it's hard for women to get out, and a little bit about what Naomi's House does to help victims of sex trafficking. We learned that...

Taking Care of the Innocent

Posted by Kris Eldridge on

We have been talking about thinking right about what's going wrong in regards to the sanctity of human life. This is the fourth and final part to "Thinking Right about What's Going Wrong." Number Four - commit to personally rescuing the innocent where and whenever you can! Am I and the church...


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