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We believe that God is faithful to not only hear our prayers but to answer them! We also know that justice and community transformation are things that are close to God's heart. Join us as we pray for our Impact Areas across the community!

Current Prayer Needs

COVID-19 and Community impact

We pray this would be an opportunity for us to love our immediate neighbors around us. This might be done through phone calls, a wave hello or an email. Pray for those on the frontlines, that God would continue to give them strength. Pray for those who might experience loneliness, that God would bring them comfort. Pray for those with physical needs to be met, like food insecurity or financial upset, that God would be the supplier of all their needs.

Impact Area: Human Trafficking
Partner: Naomi's House

"Pray for the future of NH and how we are growing, even when the world is at a standstill. We are quite taken by what we sense God is doing within the organization. We are strategically planning for an expansion of programming, an outlet that would allow for us to serve many more women. We covet your prayers for wisdom as we plan for the future of NH."

Impact Area: Multicultural & Immigrants
Partner: Nepalese Church Plant

"As the lockdown continues to extend, the uncertainty & anxiety among Bhutanese/Nepali community is growing. I have started hearing from family members that some individuals have started drinking more to cope with the current crisis. Please pray for God's comfort & peace. Please also pray for God's provision for 3 families who are in desperate situation due to lose of their job. Continue pray for several families who have members tested positive for COVID-19 in South Dakota and Ohio." ~Amos Shakaya 

Impact Area: Under Resourced
Partner: Dunham Rehabilitation (formerly Rosewood)

During the pandemic, the doors have been closed for volunteers to come in and visit. This leaves the residents feeling even more isolated and lonely than ever before. Please pray for them to know God's comfort and kindness during this difficult time of separation.

Impact Area: Domestic Ministry
Partner: Samaritan's Purse

Over the weekend, there were tragic tornadoes that went through the southern United States. These tornadoes left 24 dead and left hundreds without shelter or electricity. Please pray for Samaritan's Purse as they set up 4 disaster relief stations.

Impact Area: Pro-life  

With Planned Parenthood in Aurora remaining open as an "essential service", this means there is no slow down of abortions. Our partners continue to walk with those who are abortion-vulnerable and are asking for continued prayer support as they go through this uncertain time.

Please continue to pray for the lives of the unborn, for the mothers making the decision between abortion and life, and for our partners as they support women in their choice for life during this time.

Life Prayer Guide

Impact Area: Under Resourced
Partner: Hesed House

Last week, Hesed House had their first confirmed case of Covid-19. Watch this video from Ryan from Hesed House that talks about how the state of Illinois came in and provided social-distanced housing for Hesed House residents. Praise God for His provision in this! Continue to pray for wisdom as they do ministry in this temporary housing.

Impact Area: At Risk Youth
Partner: Kids' Hope USA

Saint Charles Director Julie has been able to connect 18 of the 25 mentors to their Kids' Hope families. Please pray for the connection to be maintained during this time of social distancing as the communication will only be done solely through the parent to the child. Pray these children would feel God's presence and love. Pray for these families as they may be experiencing hardship during this time. Pray for the mentors, that they would continue to love their children through this time of separation.

UPDATE: Check out this post that talks about how our mentors are able to keep showing up for these at risk youth.



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